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new to the club

Hi everyone,
I do not have a pacemaker yet, I am schedualed for the implant in 10 days and feeling a litttle anxious.Can anyone give me their imput


transseptal ablation??

does anyone have any experience with this procedure?? i have been through alot, but i am jumpy about this one...thanks,mom123


new to the club

thanks everyone,
your comments made me feel normal...I guess a little worried goes with the territory. Hoping this procedure helps..fainting is not a lot of fun as some of you know and maybe this pm will give me my life back. Once again you are terrific to share your experiences.


Just a quick question

I just wanted to ask whether it is normal to have a pain in your pacemaker site even nearly a year after surgery. I have been experiencing a pain, like a dull ache, on and off during these last few weeks. It's worrying and just reminds me that I have a pacemaker! I wonder if it could be just because I'm tired?

Thanks, I have nobody else to compare experiences with!




thurs havingm y operation any pain involved. should i stay in hospital overnight. when do they check out pm after implant. when a pulse is sent from pm to heart how strong isice it. if a person has a regular heart attack who has a pm and hs heart stops, will this device get it going again.


What Qualifies for Surgery Rescheduling?


I am scheduled for a first-time pacemaker implant this Thursday (dual-chamber, rate response Medtronic). I am desperate to get this procedure done as I have been unable to function normally for about a year now (I'm 34 years old male, married with an 8 year old son). My current desperation stems from the fact that a week ago I caught some kind of respiratory virus. I saw my GP last Thursday & she said my lungs sounded clear (at the time) but still put me on some meds which I ha...


PM Scarring

Hey PMC!

I had a pacemaker implanted 2 months ago and my incision has two keloids small. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about those Silicone Strips? Do they work? My cardi said no? I'm healed on the inside just a little slowly on the outside

Any Feedback on this?


so i finally got the lowdown on smoking

marijuana, that is. 20 days post-surgery i ran the query past my nurse, and she said she'd never say it's okay to toke up, but in terms of my pacemaker recovery & everything, it was pretty much a non-issue. she said it'd have no effect on the pacemaker or the incision sight at all! so i thought i'd just share....


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