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magnet in talking remote for tv

Hi just got a new remote for the TV that you talk to to along with a new cable converter box from Comcast/infinity.  Today held  the remote close to the pacemaker(was not thinking).  Got very dizzy.  Of course once i moved the remote away and closed my eyes was ok.  Thank goodness i was sitting down.  Did not have a problem with the other one as did not speak into that one.

Tried talking to the remote at arms length, could not hear me. 



TENS machine and Pacemaker


I'm thinking of getting a TENS machine to help manage chronic lower back pain .  I would place the pads in the lower back.

I know the TENS sends small, minor pulses via battery to the affected area.

Am just wondering if safe for those with pacemakers or if contraindicated. I've had my pacemaker  for 7 years now. 
thanks for input



Tens machine


I'm seeing my chiropractor tomorrow and he mentioned using a tens machine to relax my back muscles is this wise with a pm?



I have an old am radio with antenna.  Is it safe to have next to bed with pacemaker.

  Tks Jerry


Multiple electronics in close proximity

New member here who just found the club.  I received my first pacemaker almost 25 years ago at the age of 15, am non-dependent, have done great ever since, and had my 4th device impanted last May.  Recently though, I have had a wierd, random problem I am hoping someone here may have knowledge on.  

I teach University-level classes and taught remotely during for the past year during COVID, until about a month ago.  During the COVID pandemic universities &quo...


Slot Machines at Casino

If I take my mom to the casino will it interfere with her pacemaker? She is 85. Thank you for any info as she has only had it less than month. Thank you.



Rechargeable LED Neck Reading Light

Hi, I'm new to the Pacemaker Club and have a question. My 85 year old mother just got a pacemaker a month ago this Friday -3.5.2021 and loves to read. We bought her a neck reading light for easier reading and she is worried that it might interfere with her pacemaker.  It is Rechargeable & Long-Lasting] USB Type-C rechargeable which is reversible and thus easier to plug in compared with other Micro-USB. Up to 80 hours (general reading, single head) of powerful, non-diminishing bri...


Musician Question

4 weeks out from getting my Pacemaker put in.  Doing well and trying to adapt.  Question on interferences.  I am a musician and play digital piano, keyboards and electric guitar.  I've read that I should be able to wear headphones as long as I don't lay them around my neck when I'm not using them.  Is that correct?

I have not played any of my powered instruments since getting it.  Should it be OK to play electric keyboards and use amps and speak...


Gauss Meter? Welding?

Any welders out there? I'm considering getting back into it (hobbyist). I spoke to Medtronic and they gave me some good guidelines. What is your experience been?

This prompted my curiosity if anyone has ever messed with a gauss meter (owned or operated). I'm considering purchasing one a). Because I'm a nerd b) would be interested in an actual analysis of magnetic field near things like a welder 



Hello everyone,

I was at the dentist today. The hygienist told me that they are not allowed to use their ultrasound equipment on pacemaker recipients. This is news to me.Anyone have any comments.


Chest Hair Removal

Is it safe to shave or remove chest hair around the Pacemaker site with electric clippers or rechargeable man-groomer device?


Backpack blower / gas

Has anyone had an issue using a backpack blower with a pacemaker? 



Latest iPhone

Does anyone know if the newest Apple iPhones cause interferance with the pacemaker? They have a magnet in the back


Life Alert Pendants

I've been thinking about getting some type of Life Alert Pendant since I'm often alone and a little clumsy.    Does anyone know if something like that hanging so near the pacemaker could cause interference?  Does anyone here use a Life Alert Pendant with a pacemaker?


iPhone 12 and other similar phones


I saw this morning that because of the new magnetic capabilities of the new iphone that it comes with a warning to pacers to keep it at least 6" from your device. 

I've always kept my phone away as a matter of course, but I'd be much more throughtful about it in the future should I update my phone.





Has anyone with an ICD had Lasik?? I would love to get rid of my contacts and glasses as they are starting to make me a bit dizzy. I had a consultation set up to see if I was eligible. I asked them if the machine was safe for those with pacemakers/ICDs. They asked the manufacturer and they said that it was not recommended. 



Hi to all members. I have just received my PS. I have a 88 key Yamaha portable grand DGX640 which 240 supplied, combintation piano/organ and has a capacity to play many other instrument sounds. My question is   Does any one know if there are head phones that are safe to use? 



Very interesting article


Sounds scary to me.  The author didn't seem to be very concerned about it (or know much about pacemakers in general).


Mall store security sensors

I was at the mall today and was setting off store alarm sensors left and right. I've had my PM about 2 weeks and no one had previously mentioned anything about it, just airport issues. Should I not be going through these sensors at the store. Thank you so much. 


Facebook Portal

I bought my Mum a Portal a week ago and she had a dizzy spell which led to a fall. She is now in hospital due to her oxygen levels being low. I’m so worried that the Portal interfered with her PM and caused this as I have read it emites radio waves that can effect them. I am currently totally blaming myself for what has happened to her, has anyone else had an experience like this with a Portal? 


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