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Lead replacement

I am getting close to needing battery replacement. It looks like this time I will need my leads replaced too as they are 26 years old. I pace 100% and this will be my 4th pacemaker. Can anyone tell me what to expect with lead replacement. I know what to expect with the pacemaker replacement but not with the removal and replacement of the leads. 


Good EP in Texas

Can anyone suggest a good EP for ICD lead extraction in Texas. Lead is 17 years old. Thanks


Battery replacement


I am booked in to have batteries changed early Dec.  Just wanting to know what to expect.  I have been told it is only a day-surgery procedure.  

Any info would be helpful.





Lifting weights

Yesterday, i lift my cousin and felt like sth happened inside on the left side of my body. And now there is undefinable pain or kind of discomfort but not much. How can I understand if my leads (at least one of them) aren’t ok? 


How I stop lifting my arm when gardening

3 weeks post op and the leaves are building up in my garden, so I've attached a second belt to the buckle in my trouser belt. The other end is attached to my wrist. See photo in gallery. I filled the wheelie bin in half an hour and never once lifted my arm too high.


Pacemaker rights


Haven't posted in a long long time. 4 years ago took minocyline for 28 days and started burning. Diagnosed with neuropathy. From there got ecoli probably throughout body but no doctors found until simple gyno swab test. Bowels didn't work and stomach. Gyno gave me antibiotics call avelox which causes nerve damage. Anyway lost 35 pounds cannot gain weight and now total body nerve damage. I'm in pain 24 hours and skin and bones in ribs and back. I'm suppose to get my...



Had leads replaced in Aug because two ventricular leads malfunctioned. Got pocket infection. Still treating w/ antibiotics. After surgical healing a very thin membrane was apparent and lead could be felt. 2 days ago lead became exposed thru the tissue. Any idea how long I can go before lead has to be extracted. All cardiac units closed because of weekend and holiday at the hospitals. Nearest center 2 hrs away and don't have appt yet. As stated- still covered by antibiotics



Good morning, I was wondering can anybody else hear their ICD humming? I can only hear it out of my left ear and  it just has recently started since my implant on July 3rd. Thank you for sharing.



Battery change

Hi all I'm due my first battery replacement 5th of dec 2019 I'm scared as had a bad experience when first fitted!!im a painter and decorator at the moment in a factory which is very dirty so worried about infection!!work want to no how long I will be off !! Any ideas don't think I'm having the leads changed but not 100%!! Any ideas from people who have had this done thanks Carl 


Next step for third wire

My Ep tried for a third time to add a third wire to my icd. Long story but he could not place it because my vein he had to go through was at a 90 degree angle so he did not succeed. Also tried His pacing but it did not work 

Has anyone had a wire placed surgically? I was told the wire may only last 5 years and is hard to replace. Any other alternatives I should condider or do I live without a third wire?


How do I know if I've pulled the leads out

I had my first PM installed seven days ago and I have to say, it's been uncomfortable since about day three. Runs of tachycardia (about 10-15 per day) - and I was bradycardic before the PM! I may have stretched my arm up a little high. How do I know if I've pulled the leads out?

Thank you in advance. 


RV Lead Perforation

Has anyone been diagnosed wtih lead migration, lead perforation?  I'm having issues with RV pacing/performance with my BS Accolade L301 (put in 2018, which replaced my first PM, a St. Jude, which was put in 2011), which uses my original St. Jude leads from 2011.  Have always had issues with SOB with exercise and condition has worsened in past year (SOB with minimal exercise).  Current EP has reviewed my case, trying to adjust PM settings to improve performance during aerobi...


Battery Life of CRT-D

I am going to have my third wire placed on Thursday in my CRT-D. They are going to try for the third time to do this.

Do you know if adding the third wire will shorten the life of the battery?. Not sure if the third wire continuously paces the heart thereby using more battery power  of if it does it periodically.



PM under the muscle but where are the leads placed

Hi All,

For thoes of us , can you please help where the ;leads are placed if the PM is placed under the muscle, My mother had hers placed under the muscle but the wires were not, now she has infection in the wire sleevs and the  docs are suggesting to place it on the right side under the muscle and the leads under the muscle too, wonmdering if this is a good idea.






Battery Life with 100% pacing

I am scheduled for a PM with an AV node ablation in a few weeks.  How does the battery life vary if the PM is going at 100%?


From where to get smarwatch?

Greeting to all,

Actually I need help from you guys.

I am looking for a smartwatch for my father because by using this watch I can easily track his heart rate, sleep, activity and overall fitness level.

I saw many on but I am lil bit confused to buy from there or not.

Does anybody have any experience to buy from this specific store? and you guys can suggest me other options also. 


Gettting pacemaker

I'm 22 years old..diagnosed with complete heart block..40-42bpm..i haveno symptoms and no other heart diseases and My cardiologist advised me dual chamber pacemaker 

I'm afraid of the surgery.. replacement of leads and battery over the life

How many replacement i will need and how long one can live on pacemakers?



Lead dislodgement

Hello just got a dual chamber pacemaker yesterday.  Question so I was putting on my shirt this morning.  As I was doing it I noticed a pain sensation around my chest.  I then felt my heart beating so I checked my pluse and it went up to 130-140 bpm.  It quickly lowered and I am at 80-90bpm. But could this be a sign I dislodged my leads? 




New biventricular lead misplaced

I just got a new St. Jude biventricular pacemaker to replace the dual lead Medtronic due to worsening ejection fraction(40%).   The doctor told me he was able to place the new LV lead in the perfect place.  After the implant, while I was in recovery, the new LV lead became displaced.  Two hours later I was back in surgery.  The doctor tried to reinstall the lead in the same(best) location but was unable to due to clotting in that area so he placed in in another locati...



I have a pacesetter, St Judes, implanted in 1999, 

According to my cardio, I very seldom use the pacemaker.

My last check up was in May 2019.  According to my cardiologist, all working fine.

My concern is that a few nights now, my heart rate drops to 40bpm, my pacemaker is set at 45 bpm.  I cannot feel it when it kicks in..should I feel it.   At times when it does kick in I cough and I can feel it, but this usually happens during the day, for a secon...


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