Intramuscular Pacer

Hi all,

I am due for my fourth generator change next year.

I have had a pacer since I was 12 and I'm 36 now. I have two questions:


1: has anyone ever had abandoned leads extracted? If so how long had they been abandoned and where/who did the procedure? 

I have leads on the left side abandoned for 24 years. Unfortunately all the bulk up on my chest has recently been giving me more discomfort than usual in my shoulder area. Think it's due  to rubbing again the leads when I workout. So I now experience a bit of discomfort in my should area (that is closest to my chest) when moving certain ways, sleeping on that side etc.

2: has anyone had a pacer placed intramuscular? I am thinking of this option for my next procedure as my current pacer protrudes quite a bit and I don't like how it's so high to my collar bone (gets in the way a lot when exercising etc)


The doctor told me I can get it placed intramuscular the only down side is more chance of lead breakage. I am concerned with cutting through the muscle and the recovery as well...He told me four weeks off from work. (I own a dog walking business so a lot of heavy lifting, jerking of leashes/dogs, high activity etc)


as for the pacer leads the electrophysiologist told me he could cut the bulky area of the leads in my chest out (but rather not extract all the leads as they are high risk and could also end up damaging the current working leads in the process)

any input or experiences you all have to share regarding these topics I'd love to hear!







old leads and placement

by Tracey_E - 2022-08-22 12:52:57

They usually put it between the two pectorals, not actually in the muscle. I am very active and work out with weights, and have not had a problem with my leads. I did manage to knock the box loose so now it has drifted and pokes out a bit. It's annoying but not painful so will wait until my next replacement to have it repositioned. Before that, it was submammary. I'm on my 5th device, one original working lead, one lead replaced in 2010, capped the old one off and left it in there. 

What my ep told me is that lead extraction is generally low risk now, but when our leads are very old and when we have not had previous heart surgeries (which toughens the heart), it's a bit more challenging to get them out. I have one capped off lead and we are not messing with it.

If they can remove the part that's bothering you but leave the part in the heart that's hardest to removed, that sounds like a good compromise to me. 

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