Faulty pacemaker

I've just received a letter to say the pacemaker that I had inserted in May this  year 2022  (my second replacement) is faulty.    Apparently risk is low.   On doing some research I discovered this was known in March 2021.  I am curious as to why these pacemakers are still being used  ( Abbot Assurity and Endurity ) 


Faulty pacemaker - is your pacemaker affected?

by Gemita - 2022-10-27 07:14:06


I attach a Pacemaker Club link discussing this and also a link from the manufacturer confirming the potential problem.  

I would find it concerning too and would have thought the manufacturer should ideally have stopped these units being implanted?  All you can do is to discuss the issue with your doctors and clinic and see what needs to be done?  Home monitoring will be important to pick up any early signs of a problem.  I believe careful monitoring of your device and watching out for any unusual symptoms you might experience, will be necessary for the life of the device.

Hopefully, it is only a few units that are affected and it won't be yours, but a concern nonetheless.  

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Faulty pacemaker

by AgentX86 - 2022-10-27 14:04:58

They stil use them because the risk is so low.  Mine has been recalled, with a possible (but highly improbable) failure that could drain the battery very quickly.  One person died, in fact, but there are tens of thousands of others still working fine.  I'm only a little concerned because I am dependent but my pacemaker will call the mother ship if it gets to ERI and they'll repace it then. So far everything is good.  According to the estimate, I'm a little over half way to getting a replacement.

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