Pacemaker replacement

Hi everyone!!

It has been a while since I was here, I just wanted to hear from the experienced ones about PM replacment and recovery time. 

Tomorrow I will have a new one, after 8 years! I must say I am so grateful for this site, It gave me so much peace of mind when I just had it implanted. 
I hope I hear from you and your experiences!




super easy!

by Tracey_E - 2022-08-24 09:26:14

Leads usually last through multiple generators, so they will probably just pop out the old box, check the leads, attach the new box, done! They usually go in the same place so it's scar tissue. Most of the pain the first time was from creating the pocket, most of the post-op restrictions the first time were letting the leads settle. I'm on my 5th. If I have an early appointment, I'm home fixing my own lunch. 

Good luck!

pacemaker replacment

by mirandahesed - 2022-08-24 11:27:53

Awesome!! good to know :). Looking forward to lunch I am hungry.

Thanks Tracey!



Three weeks ago, , mine was even better ........

by IAN MC - 2022-08-24 12:57:33

The implant procedure took only 30 minutes and then they gave me a coffee and a sandwich before letting me escape home. I didn't even need make lunch !

The surgical incision seems to have now healed, the soluble sutures have disappeared ,so I played 2hrs tennis this morning. As Tracey says having a replacement really is " super easy " compared to the first PM implant.

Hope yours is equally simple !


Five months for me

by Theknotguy - 2022-08-24 15:05:44

Had a 90 year old sitting next to me at church.  Told me about his replacement.  Wheeled him in to the OR.   He asked, "How long will this pacemaker last?"  "Ten years!", was the answer.  "See you in ten years!", he said.  "No you won't!", said the doc.  "Why not?"  "I'm retiring in five years!", said the doc.

I did all the stuff they asked me ahead of time.  Special soap, off Eliquis, etc.  Was talking to the Medtronic's rep as they were prepping me.  Hit me with the twilight drug. I was out.  Woke up and it was all done.  Went home that afternoon.  Was running around all over town doing errands the next day.  Felt great.

Two weeks later I'm mowing the lawn and end up hanging on the fence gasping for air.  Turns out the Medtronic's rep didn't check page two on the checklist and left out some settings.  Called device check clinic.  Got in the next day.  They double checked the settings and made sure they'd gotten everything.  Been doing fine since. That was five months ago.  

Doc changed pacemaker locations slightly.  Was a little sore for two days but that was all.  Biggest problem was with the scabs healing.
Hope everything goes well.

Coming up on first replacement

by Tinawired - 2022-09-15 01:24:48

Good to hear about your experiences. My pacemaker has 5 months left on it. Bit nervous because we are not close to a hospital. At what point we're yours replaced? Did anyone have an ER situation that forced replacement?

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