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Vehicle motor interference

I just had a Medtronic Pacemaker "installed" replacing a previous pacemaker that was 12 years old. I find that when I start the car engine and also during the trip, I have an unusual feeling the whole time I am driving. I have never had this before with the other PM (another brand). Does anyone else get this same sensation? It has been adjusted once and seems to be better, but I still feel a slight sensation.
This is my third PM. I have not ever had any kind of problems before.


UPDATE: PM Problems whey Flying

If you remember my earlier post in February regarding interference with my pacemaker when flying, I have gotten some validation from a reliable source. To recap the problem, although I have flown hundreds of times since getting my implant, three times in the past 10 years I have experienced problems with it malfunctioning while flying. The manufacturer does not admit a problem with it and my cardiologists didn't offer any support either. In other words, nobody believed me.

All I kn...


Polygraph Testing??

Does anyone know if the pacemaker will interfere with taking a polygraph test??


Television Towers.


I am currently looking into getting a job with a local PBS TV station, but I am suppose to get a pacemaker on Monday. Does anyone know if the pacemaker would interfere with me having this job, or do I need to just stay away from the transmitting equipment? I know it's a bit of a random question, but I'm curious.



auto start

are the auto start systems in new cars ok with pacemakers


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