I've been having tons of what I think are PVCs lately.  I don't feel the "hidden" pulse though, unless it's right after the true pulse. If that's the case, I don't see how the next pulse is being inhibited.  I've been  having them while cooling down after walking but recently at random times, mostly at rest. 

They don't show on interrogation reports but only strings of four or more will record.  My device nurse told me to send here an electrogram if I felt them. I sent one yesterday and a couple today.  The problem is that my pacemaker can only store a six-second strip. It's hard to guess when to click "transmit" and it doesn't tell me when the electrogram is being taken.

We'll see what happens.  They feel awful.


Arrhythmias affecting the ventricles

by Gemita - 2023-01-29 04:17:04

Hi AgentX86,

I am really sorry you are again facing rhythm disturbances.  With an AV Node ablation behind you, I presume your current disturbances must be coming from the ventricles alone, since nothing can get through the AV Node from the atria to affect your ventricles/rhythm.

Has anything changed with your heart condition and what about electrolytes or other causes?  Have you had any recent checks (echo or a stress test) to see whether your heart is functioning as expected?  Have you also had any recent pacemaker checks since I know you have a CRT device and I wonder if the settings need adjusting?   Is your lower rate limit still set at 80 bpm?

Perhaps you might need to look at your medication too, to see whether these need adjusting?  I recently reduced my beta blocker dosage (with doctor’s approval) because it seemed to be causing more premature beats than ever.  With electrical disturbances which frequently change anyway, we have to be prepared to change our treatments too.  It is all too easy to stay on the same meds/pacemaker settings for years, but when electrical disturbances deteriorate, it may be prudent to look again at our medication or other treatments.

Perhaps if nothing helpful shows on your transmissions, it would be better for you to get external monitoring (Holter/Zio patch) for a longer period?  I know my team places restrictions on my monitoring for the recording of short runs of arrhythmias, especially if these are premature beats.  My concern is that minor rhythm disturbances like PACs/PVCs which can adversely affect quality of life, aren't generally stored on the pacemaker’s internal electrogram.  Without a detailed ECG, our doctors will not always be able to confirm/identify the rhythm disturbance(s) present, how they might be triggered and their potential cause.

I think we have demonstrated the limitations of our pacemakers to store rhythm disturbances when set parameters for their recording have not been met.  Perhaps external Holter longer term event monitoring might do a better job of recording and storing ALL arrhythmias, including short, frequent, intermittent runs that our pacemakers may be set up to reject?

I hope you are still taking magnesium supplements (but I would get electrolytes checked) and keeping well hydrated? 


by Lavender - 2023-01-29 10:31:50

I'm one who has a lot of PVCs. I'm much more aware of my heartbeat than I want to be. I can't ignore it.  It's my background beat. Noticing this can be disconcerting. Sorry this is getting worse. Let us know what you find out. 

Are you taking Vitamin D3? I read that 2000 IU daily can help. 

Me too

by benedeni - 2023-01-29 11:16:39

Like Lavender, I am being plagued again by pvcs.  With my pacemaker adjustment last fall for pvc induced pmt, I was So good for about 3 months and now these pesky pvcs are back.  Called this past week to see if my cardio appointment in April should be moved up and my doctor said to send in a remote check, which I did.  Of course it showed Nothing!  Yet, my heart is definitely off and running in a direction I hate.  

We are trying to plan a vacation in March to see my hubby's son which involves a regular flight plus 40 min in a small aircraft.  I am not a fan of small planes and this thought alone, I fear, could be making me over-anxious.  Still a long way to March so lots of time for more anxiety!

Good luck.

Perhaps Gemita's suggestion of Holter monitoring is a good one for both of us.  



by AgentX86 - 2023-01-29 18:23:20

I've been having them for a while, just as I'm ending my morning "stroll". They seem to be much more common now, when I'm at rest (like right now 😖).

I saw my cardiologist the 18th (less than two weeks ago). He directed me to the device tech to check everything out.  All looked good and as I said, there is no way to record single events.  It takes a string of at least four.  Three, normal, three, normal,... doesn't cut it.

I had the PET scan late last September (?) and all was good then.  I had an echo on Dec 28 and nothing obvious on any of that.  My cardiologist said he would do a cath, "if I wanted to".  No, I really don't want my teeth cleaned either.

I take so many pills (12 in the morning and 4 at night) that I've got all that covered.  B12 (supposed to be 3000u but can't find them), C (500, I think), multi-vitamin, magnesium (300mg), turmeric, in addition to the meds.  I'm supposed to be on iron, too, but the signals got crossed on that one so I have to get some.  Even though the above are OTC, doctors somewhere down the line prescribed them. Yeah, I'm up to my ears in drugs.  😬

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