Hi. Got a pacemaker less than a week ago and have heard that chainsaw and line trimmers are a no go.Please tell me that's not right. I teach chainsaw use in New Zealand.



by Good Dog - 2023-01-18 07:45:51

Like so many things in life, if there is any liability for a corporation/company, the lawyers are there to try to eliminate it. I would never suggest that someone should do something that might endanger themselves. So I included a couple helpful links below (from Medtronic, but that should apply to all PM's) that includes most tools and devices you are likely to encounter. I can tell that I have a gas chain saw and I have used it for hours cutting trees without any issues. I am not recommending it, but that has been my experience. I have had my PM for much of my life and never encountered anything that caused a problem. Even many of the things that have warnings. You just need to take caution and be aware of how you feel, Generally, they will tell you that if you start to feel bad (dizzy, light-headed, etc) you shoud just stop what you are doing and back away from the device. Even under those circumstances it is highly unlikely you will encounter any permanent damage to you or your device. These devices are very bullet-proof!

BTW: I always try to keep the nicest looking lawn in the neighborhood. I could not accomplish that without my gas powered string trimmer!



vibrations and rate response

by Tracey_E - 2023-01-18 08:38:48

If your rate response is turned on, the vibration of the chain saw may trick it into thinking you are working out and raise your rate. This is harmless, just know to expect it. 

Ask your pacemaker clinic

by Lavender - 2023-01-18 08:51:29

Hi Sean!

I LOVE chainsaws 😆 Seriously-I have my own. I was up in my tree cutting a branch out when a neighbor saw me. He was freaked out seeing a petite sized gal up there with a chainsaw. I told him that I have done this since I was 20. 

Of course, many moons later, I still have my own chainsaw but I leave the cutting to my guy, as well as the tree climbing 😉

I have a Boston Scientific CRT-P following six months of surprise drop attacks. I can tell you this-

AgentX86 was told by his pacemaker techs not to use a riding mower.  My tech said it's fine. So there are different strokes for different folks-so to speak.

I never asked about chainsaws-but you can call Boston Scientific and ask them or ask your pacemaker clinic tech! Their site lists a lot of precautions and says this:

Chainsaw (gas and electric powered)
Use precautions: Maintain at least a 12 inch (30 cm) distance between electric motor / ignition system of chainsaw and implanted device. So it sounds like you just extend your arm while holding it.

here is that link to copy and paste:

You can call them too. Check their phone number in your device booklet. 

Glad you found out about your problem so your pacemaker can extend your life and keep you there for those kids and grands, you're a young grandfather!!


by Sean - 2023-01-18 09:40:41

Thanks for that. I was a bit concerned when I heard no chainsaws. but after reading the comments. I will still use them. I will also talk to the clinic staff next week when I see them

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