Heart rate spikes -no symptoms

Hi All,

I'm 77, with pacemaker since Aug 2020 due to a right bundle branch block. Otherwise, healthy and active. Recently noticed my fitness tracker recording occasional brief spikes in hr, up to 168. These occur during my morning walks, but only occasionally. No symptoms. Doc is monitoring.  Anyone experienced anything like this?


Heart rate spikes

by Gemita - 2022-11-24 07:15:21

Milinda, I get sudden heart rate spikes often with my arrhythmias.  I would say as long as these high heart rates are not long lasting or cause any troublesome symptoms (like chest pain, breathlessness, faintness) then you should be okay.  Of course it is important that your doctor continues to monitor you and that you report any worsening symptoms.  

Are you having any additional monitoring in the form of a holter monitor to confirm what these occasional brief spikes in heart rate, rising to 168 bpm, actually are or have you been back recently to your clinic for a pacemaker check to see whether any events have been recorded or whether your settings might need adjusting?  

On the whole though, you say you are healthy and active, so without any symptoms and with your doctors monitoring your heart, I would not be worried at all.  I hope you continue to do well


by Milinda - 2022-11-24 11:07:39

Yes, have a bedside monitor that collects data every night. Can't imagine going without one, frankly, or without my fitness tracker,  but try not to obsess over hr reports. 

So appreciate your advice and words of encouragement! This forum is such a wonderful resource. 

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