Boob enlarging!

This is a weird one.  I've been pacing for almost 15 and am on my second device. I've noticed over the past 12 months that the boob with the pm in is noticeably larger than the other one. I realise that the device takes up a little room but this size difference is definitely increasing. Mammogram clear so nothing nasty going on. Has anyone else experienced this? 



by Persephone - 2022-11-13 13:45:13

Can't tell if your PM is subpec or subcutaneous (sorry, too lazy to look up your bio if you have one here), but mine is the latter and yes, there is a minor size difference in the PM side breast - but again it's minor and since I'm already in my 7th decade on this earth with all of its gravitational forces, I figure there's some connection. Always, if it doubt, check it out - I see you got a mammo but would there be a next step if more information is needed?

Best wishes to you. I'm about to hit the 5 yr mark and am inspired by your 15 yr story.

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by Lavender - 2022-11-13 17:27:20

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by Gotrhythm - 2022-11-14 14:21:17

If you don't have a sub-pec placement, I doubt if an increase in breast size would have anything to do with your pacemaker, but there are breast conditions that could be causing it.

The person to ask why it's happening would be your gynocologist or PCP.

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