Medtronic ICD ID cards

I had a Medtronic ICD implanted on 12th April 2022 at Hammersmith Hospital and after a few days I got a sheet of A4 paper headed Patient ID Card with all the details on. But the printing is poor quality [I've copied out several copies] but I was wondering if there was a credit card sized card. My previous CRT-P pacemaker had a small fold up card for airports etc.   I saw a much earlier post from 2018 saying that a member had phone Medtronic and got a plastic credit card sized card sent. The member put a pic on the website with the covering letter. I tried the direct line number on the letter but the Medtonic person told me they don;t issue these but I have  to ask the hospital. Does any know anything about this - getting through to the hospital seems impossible these days? Many thanks. 


Medtronic ICD ID Cards

by Dixie Chick 65 - 2022-06-23 13:39:47

I have a dual chambered Medtronic PM as of May, 2020. I was given a paper temporary card and in a few days I got a laminated plastic one in the mail from Medtronic.

Did you call the Patient Services number ?? If not, give them a call at this number, 800-929-4043.

Good luck !

Medtronic ID card

by islandgirl - 2022-06-23 23:14:51

Call Medtronic.  They should be able to look up your records and send you an ID card.

Medtronic ID Card

by RobertS - 2022-06-24 13:40:36

Thanks for your replies but I'm in UK.  I did call Medtronic Customer help line here in UK and they said they don't do that  though why  being in UK that should make a difference I don't know. And the devices are made just down the road from me!

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