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I am 4 weeks into a dual chamber drt pacemaker and my back and neck are in need of adjustment just because I am not totally back yet. I made an appointment at my local PT for a massage and general tuneup at the end of June. I am just a bit aprehensive about laying face down on exam table.....thoughts? 


Face down

by AgentX86 - 2022-06-04 22:57:39

I sure would be aprehensive.  I didn't even sleep in the bed for a couple of months because I tend to sleep on my chest and often left side.  I made that mistake with my CABG and slept in a recliner for five months. I have one in our bedroom, in fact.  I've used it several times (twice in the last year).

Pt massage tune up

by skigrl3 - 2022-06-05 20:16:20

Thank you for that thought. I have seen some posts that its ok. I may ask for extra pillow as cushion. I see cardiologist week prior and I will also ask him. My posture is currently suffering. I know eventually I will get it all back but its not quick enough for me.

Massage therapy

by Theknotguy - 2022-06-05 22:07:43

I haven't been on for quite a while so my massage therapy notes are probably archived by now.  

Situation.  I had two rounds of CPR.  Broken ribs, collapsed lung, chest tube.  Took me two years to get back to "normal".  Along the way the medical people told me there wasn't anything they could do for the residual pain. Fortunately I had a sympathetic doctor who wrote me a prescription for massage therapy.  

My licensed therapist went back to her therapy instructors and got input on what and what not to do.  Mainly they stay away from the pacemaker site and the leads.  Otherwise everything else is open.  I ended up working with two massage therapists who had gone to two different therapy schools.  It's worked out well for me because one  will find something and the other will work on it.  

Surprisingly enough my major problems are because of the chest tube.  Between it and the broken ribs there was a lot of scar tissue.  It took one therapist a year and five months but she finally got the scar tissue to relax.  I went from not being able to sit at a table for more than 15 minutes to being able to work at a table for four hours.  

I don't need pain meds most of the time.  If I do some work that aggravates the scar tissue and causes pain I can usually take care of it with aspirin or Tylenol.  

Being face down or face up doesn't make any difference.  You can always tell the therapist you can't be worked on face down and they can do other things.  Overall I heartily recommend massage therapy by a licensed massage therapist. 

Hope this helps.

Don't worry about pacemaker

by Gotrhythm - 2022-06-06 17:54:04

One of the things you'll learn real quick if you haven't already is that pressure directly on the pacemaker HURTS. Now, it won't harm the pacemaker at all, but you will definitely feel the pain!

How uncomfortable lying on your stomach will be depends on your build. You might have enough padding that the pacemaker isn't pressed on at all. Or you might need to add padding in that area.

Me I love my massage/chiropractic and I'm not about to give it up. For chiropractic adjustments I find that a piece of "eggcrate" foam just big enough to cover the top of my chest works great. During massage, pillows can be positioned in a way that allows access to back and chest, but keeps direct pressure off the pacemaker.

Keep doing what you can to maintain your overall health. That's what you really need to do to live your best with a pacemaker.

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