up date to my removal of eye floaters and blurry vision

I understand that many feel this topic does not belong on this site.  Since the blurry vision is subjective does this happen from a fast heart beat.  Or because of the blurry vision does it cause the heart to beat faster to pump more blood into the eye.

None of my doctors will commit to these either.

Did have the 4 week checkup after the removal of the floaters.  healing so well will not to see the retina doctor  for 6 months.  He did say if have vision problems, head aches immediately contact him.  

The cardiologist did not weigh in to the subject except to say blood thinner.  I told the retina dr.  i would be dammed, if i took anything  by prescription, since am 81 and have no life because of Covid19 out there.  Would rather take my chances.

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Blurry vision

by Gemita - 2022-06-02 16:50:12

Hello New to Pace,

Firstly, this is a support group for pacemaker patients and you are most welcome to chat about anything that concerns you.  

Blurry vision has many causes as you will know.  As you have been seen by a retina specialist recently for your floaters and as he doesn’t need to see you again for 6 months, I am assuming your blurry vision is not coming from an ongoing eye condition, so we perhaps need to look elsewhere for a cause as you are doing.  Have you had any further checks with your general doctor to rule out other possibilities?  I know you were querying a possible infection as a cause?  If blurry vision continues, I would pop along to your general doctor again.

As I have said before, when I get AF with a rapid ventricular response rate, I can occasionally experience a sudden surge of blood flow to my head.  It can be uncomfortable and concerning and cause temporary vision disturbances with such rapid fluctuations in blood flow, blood pressure and heart rate.  So yes, blurry vision can occur when I experience a fast heart beat and blood flow surges can most definitely cause my heart to race.  I would say it feels like I am having a transient ischaemic attack and it can be quite alarming.  Because of this experience my cardiologist insisted that I take an anticoagulant for AF stroke protection.  Now I am not suggesting what you are experiencing is the same thing, but blood flow with AF can certainly be sub optimal.  I cope better when an episode of AF lasts a few hours and my rhythm settles into an irregular rhythm, rather than when my rhythm switches back and forth for hours between regular and irregular rhythms.  That is why paroxysmal AF can be so dangerous. 

I fully respect and understand your concerns about starting an anticoagulant at 81 years.  I would be afraid too. I believe though you would qualify for a reduced dose of an anticoagulant with some of the meds available.  My husband at 83 has a reduced dose of Edoxaban because of age and kidney function and has stayed safe from an AF related stroke since 2018 (and safe from a bleed and gastric distress too).  Do you have an anticoagulant clinic you could attend to speak to someone there about your specific requirements and concerns and to search for a lactose free medication?   There is no harm in asking and finding out more, without commitment.  As always I wish you well new to pace.

Blurry Vision and Stroke

by Marybird - 2022-06-02 17:26:58

I can't find any references that correlate blurry vision with heart rate, and I don't believe the physiology is wired or plumbed, so to speak, for the heart rate to increase in response to blurry vision. This is probably the reason for the noncommital response you got from the doctors you mentioned this to, I'd think.

Blurry vision, or other visual changes have many causes, but one of those causes CAN be stroke, if the stroke affects the portion of brain tissue where information from the optic nerve is processed, or near the optic nerve itself. Stroke can also cause ischemia, or even infarcts in the retinal tissue of the eye. I'm sure this is what your cardiologist was thinking of when you mentioned it to her, ie, bloodthinners which would go a long way in preventing such strokes. She knows of your history of atrial fibrillation,and I might think would be concerned over your increased risks of stroke that could be mitigated if you were willing to take a blood thinner.

Anyway, this is what the American Academy of Opthalmology says about vision and strokes:


Anyway, I'm glad the procedure to get rid of your eye floaters has been so successful. And if you can get out there and do what you enjoy doing, I think you might find that the perspective on covid ( while still among us, as an endemic virus, with common sense precautions to be taken as for all respiratory viruses) has improved immensely. My take on it, anyway.



blurry vision solutions

by new to pace.... - 2022-06-02 18:01:49

Thanks Gemita and Marybird  for your thoughtful answers.  Did read the article that Marybird referenced.

 The cardiologist's nurse called me 2 days ago said the Dr. of course wanted me to take a blood thinner.

 If i had not contacted the office via email portal( which was  on May 12,2022 for  the special remote transmission).  Am sure would have not heard back from them. That said am monitored nightly and the all night long A-fib episodes on April 24 &27 should have been caught.    The next regular one is June 21,2022.   Said they would look for a lactose -free one.  Cannot believe it takes that long to find one. 

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Lactose Intolerance

by Marybird - 2022-06-02 19:58:15

New to Pace, it does look as though both Eliquis and Xarelto both contain small amounts if lactose monohydrate as inactive ingredients. Though if position on the list of those ingredients means less the further down they appear, the less of the ingredient there is, the Xarelto has less lactose than Eliquis, but there isn't all that much in either of these drugs.

And at your age, they recommend a half dose, of the Eliquis at least, maybe also the Xarelto, so that's less lactose. Your other option would be to take a Lactaid tablet ( ingredient is lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose) which hopefully would eliminate any possible side effects of the lactose in those medications. Lactaid is an over the counter medication.

I imagine your cardiologist is concerned about your not being protected with an anticoagulant (blood thinner) with that much A-Fib showing up on your remote monitoring reports. I know when that happened to me, they called me into the office to meet with the cardiologist the same day they called.

why am not fond of blood thinners

by new to pace.... - 2022-06-03 08:50:56

Thanks Marybird do use the Lactaid  occasional now, they changed something so now i can take.  Do not use, but occasional when i cheat and eat pizza. Then suffer because of the wheat, am gluten intolerant.. Do also take 2 beano's first to keep the gas at bay.  Am food challenged that is why do not want to take something where i have to avoid more food.

The main reason have concerns is that i have the occasional nose bleed.  This past January was at 2am.  Took me a while but it finally stopped. Than went to the ER where they were able cauterize one. Then to the ENT dr. where she cauterized 2 more.  It was hard for the Dr. to put a clamp on my nose as the left side is missing cartiledge.  Had a stage 0 Melanoma removed the size of a quarter. They used a the graft from the forehead.  Over 10 years ago.  Now nightly put vaseline in both nostrils to keep it moist.

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by LondonAndy - 2022-06-06 13:47:37

In case worth mentioning, another possible cause of blurry vision is uncontrolled diabetes, but this is quite a common thing and I imagine your medical people will have checked your blood sugar levels. Have you noticed any correlation with diet, eg do the periods of blurry vision and floaters occur after a high carbohydrate or sugary food?

Incidentally, I have been on Warfarin for 8 years so far, and never had blurry vision or floaters.

blurry and floaters

by new to pace.... - 2022-06-06 16:41:28

Thanks LondonAndy.  Had noticed the floaters in all different shapes and sizes before.  Found out had not been drinking enough water.  Once i did that they seemed to have disappeared.

 The blurry vision comes now when i  use  the computer too long.

At the last blood check the A1C was getting lower.

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Glad you've identified the cause!

by LondonAndy - 2022-06-07 13:41:27

It's amazing what not drinking enough water can do to us! 

Not long after I had open heart surgery for a replacement aortic valve to be inserted, I was back at work and had had a very busy day of quite intense meetings. That evening at home, I started feeling dizzy and having palpitations - to be honest I thought I was having a heart attack! So off I went to the emergency department and after a number of tests the conclusion was ... you guessed it ... dehydration! I realised that I hadn't drunk that much at work that day. Lesson learnt.

Blurry fision

by Mike417 - 2022-06-09 09:45:38

New to Pace,

You mentioned that your A1c is coming down, does that mean you hve diabetes??  Blurry vision and retinal hemorragages are frequently seen in diabetes.  If this happens again I suggest sleeping at an angle to help the floaters settle.

Another potential issue is vitreal retraction due to age, pulling on the retinal and causing a tear and bleeding. The vitreous over time will adhere to the retina, and then over time/age cause a tenting up of the retina.  This will also cause blurring of vision, and this would be in areas of the retina.

I suggest you go back to the retinologist for another exam now that the floaters are reduced, and follow-up at some recommended interval to monitor changes over time.


blurry vison

by new to pace.... - 2022-06-09 16:57:54

Thanks Mike417,  A1c is on the lower end  of the range.  Will be having another blood test in August to check on it.

blurry visionis not as bad since i have been having acupuncture treatments.

Floaters are now removed from both eyes. 

Will be back for a check up in Dec with the retina dr.  I can see him anytime if problem arises. 

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