Hey everyone! Can anyone give me a little guidance as far as blood pressure goes? It’s been higher than usual lately?

I do suffer from bad anxiety so maybe that contributes to it. But my BP is normally under 120/under 80. But the last couple of days I’ve been 127/81; 127/80; and yesterday I was feeling really nauseous which caused me to get panicked and worry that something went wrong, and my BP shot up to 136/80. 

When it was that high I noticed once I relaxed a bit I managed to get the top number down to 115. That was within about an hour or so I wanna say? 

I’m also 31, I’m 5’4 and weigh about 123 pounds. I got my PM almost 4 months ago due to sudden 3rd degree heart block. I normally operate on the lower side of blood pressure so it's a bit scary that I'm suddenly dealing with this issue. Oh I also forgot to mention, I'm currently on 180mg of Diltiazem daily because I did once have an episode where my heart rate went up to 150 for a short time and I'm on this daily to prevent it from happening again.



Not to Worry

by MinimeJer05 - 2021-10-03 21:18:39

One thing I learned quickly after my PM is that blood pressure is very unique to everyone, both in our results and just how some people are more reactive or sensitive to their own BP. 

I've always been a 120/80 person as well, and noticed after my surgery I was experiencing vision spells and general foggy vision. I then noticed at most of my appts my readings were anywhere from 130-150 over 90/100, which was not normal. 

My doc put me on Amlodipine Beslyate (in addition to the Metoprolol that I've been on since my valve surgery) and now my daily BP readings are 113-125 over 70-80 -- consistent and low, the way I like it. 

Anyways, the reason I mention all of this is because my docts almost didn't even prescribe me my new meds, instead focusing on chest and brain scans and stress tests. I'm glad they decided to last minute give a new BP med a try, because I feel substantially better. 

I wouldn't worry too much about a change in BP unless it's consistently higher or you start experiencing those other issues. I would however, send your doc a message. Always good to keep tabs on this sort of thing and note when things get worse or better. 

I hope whatever is happening is just stress and anxiety related and will go away with time, but if not, seek help while also trying not to get yourself too worked up. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies with that sort of thing. 

take care 


"High" BP

by AgentX86 - 2021-10-03 21:40:15

Your numbers aren't at all bad.  BP shouldn't affect how you feel unless it goes very low (generally under 100) or very high (above 200).  I once pushed a 260/200 and didn't feel a thing, from the BP anyway. 120/80 is optimal, sorta like a heart rate of 60bpm.  A sustained BP above 130 (140 for us old farts) isn't the best but, in itself, probably won't get much more than a scolding from the doc.  A temporary BP of 137, when anxious is perfectly normal.

Almost every time I go to a doctor they insist on taking my BP as soon as I sit down, then are taken aback when it's above 150.  I ask if my heart rate is over 80.  "Come back in five minutes."  I have my PM set on the sensitive side [..../]  so any movement jumps my heart rate, which does increase my BP. My cardiologist knows enough to let me sit for five minutes.

Relax.  You're normal. ;-)

Keep an eye on it

by Persephone - 2021-10-03 21:46:39

Yes, highish BP readings are not welcome, but monitoring over time will provide the most information.  That you measured a much lower rate after  a short period of time is an indicator that all may be well, but the situation should be monitored.  Consider keeping a daily log of your readings, including what you may have been doing prior to the reading, how you've been overall feeling, time of day relative to when meds were taken, etc.  I also usually find that taking successive measurements results in lower readings as I go along and relax into the exercise - thank goodness for home monitors because medical practices often don't have the time to wait for me to calm down (I'm also a bad anxiety sufferer - hugs to you :)  I'm glad that it sounds like all is otherwise going ok with your PM.

Edited to add - I misread your message as "BP went up to 150", when you were actually referencing your heart rate.  Again, data can help us take informed actions, so if feeling concerned, monitor your BP and provide your data to your medical team.


bp readings

by islandgirl - 2021-10-03 22:04:13

Occasionally my EP asks me to keep a log of my BP for about a week.  I take a photo and text it to my EP or email it to the office, depending on if he wants it daily or for the week.  I don't have high BP and he keeps my lower number low due to my specific issues with my heart.

He instructs me to take my bp when I first get up in the morning....try to make it the same time every day, and same time in the evening.  I take it before my med in both the mornng and evening.  

I also include my pulse rate since it's on the display and also make note if it's irregular.

You should also let them know if what kind of bp machine your are using.  My EP does not like the wrist type so I have an automatic arm cuff automatic machine. 

Thanks Jer!

by Cyborgheart90 - 2021-10-05 02:12:24


Thanks for your input! Like you, I also experience higher BP when I'm at the doctor as well. I hope your foggy vision has improved!

I was in the same boat of doctors not wanting to prescribe anything after my implant until one day they noticed by heart rate was going up to 150 for short periods at a time, so they put me on Diltiazem.

I'm definitely my own worst enemy with all this. The first time my AV block was detected is because I fainted multiple times in one day which left me so hyper aware of everything going on with my body.

thanks again!


by Cyborgheart90 - 2021-10-05 02:15:56

Thanks so much for helping me to relax a bit lol. Maybe it is my own anxiety that's causing these sudden spikes.

I'm glad your cardiologist lets you sit for a bit in regards to your BP and heart rate! I feel like clinics take it waaaay too soon. Sometimes walking to the room or just getting called in is enough to give someone a bit of anxiety so naturally of course they're gonna have a higher reading.

thanks again though for putting my mind more at ease! :)

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