Just 2 weeks after my PM, and still have spectacular bruising in  left arm and chest.  Probably just from the blood thinner. Keeping my arm below the shoulder fro 6 weeks will be a challenge.




It’ll Get Better

by MinimeJer05 - 2021-09-29 22:28:42

Hope all is going well with the recovery. I had my PM placed the Sat before Labor Day and while my arm and shoulder mostly feels better, I still have some bruising around the surgery site.

It seems to get better with each day, but it's a slow process that's for sure. 

Hopefully your bruising goes away and your recovery continues to be a smooth process. Make sure to move the arm around to prevent any sort of locking up or freezing. 

take care


Keeping Arm below shoulder height

by Old male - 2021-09-29 22:49:32

Didn't have much problem keeping arm below shoulder height during the waking hours.  To prevent from happening during sleep, I used a nylon sling secured to my wrist and around the waste for a few weeks.  Worked great.

Pretty Bruising

by AgentX86 - 2021-09-29 22:56:00

Anticoagulants can do a number on us but it sure beats the alternatives.  I had surgery on arm that left some impressive blood-blister style bruising. The blisters added a nice addition to the pain of the broken bones and surgery.

Do you best to keep stretching of that shoulder to a minimum.  In addition to avioding overhead movement, be careful not to reach behind your back or fully xtending your arm in front.  It's only a few weeks.  In reality, only the first few days are critical.  After that, the risk of pulling leads out is minimal but non-zero.  The less that you can violate the proscription the better.  We've all done what we shouldn't (it's hard, as you say) but try your best.  Don't beat yourself up too much when you do.

As Minime says, you have to keep using that shoulder or bad things will happen.  I've been in PT for six weeks, so far, for my arm/hand.  You don't want that for your shoulder. It's not fun.

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