Just to Say: Hi Again

Hello Pacers.

It seems ages since I logged in and then I find the site has been updated. Congratulations to Blake for the changes. I am getting used to it all - have been off air due to computer breakdown.

Well, I had a fantastic time on holiday with Rewired. Kay and I get on so well. She is a wonderfullady and a wonderful friend. So supportive. ( I have been going through a really bad bout of depression) So, if I need a laugh to cheer me up I ring her. MY photos are in the camera but I haven't been able to dispatch them.

We are still experiencing serious drought here and our water tank is down to under four thousand gallons. Guess what, it is raining as I sit here typing this. The sheep are so hungry the grass has all dried off in the paddocks and they are being fed on silage bales and pellets. They just about climb the fence when they see you walk out into the garden. I was accepted by travel insurance for a trip to NewZealand in October
/November. The company agreed to accept my pacemaker and I had to pay another $78Au to ccover myself for a month of travel. In November on the way back from New Zealand we are staying in Melbourne again for four days to spend sometime with Kay and her husband. So again, Hi to everyone. Hope this message gets through. Pace well, keep well all of you


rain dance

by maestro - 2007-04-28 05:04:24

What a charming message you posted.

Love your upbeat attitude.

I certainly hope you get rain soon. Drought is such a destructive event. Those poor sheep need some fodder, don't they.

I'll do a rain dance for your continued precipitation.

Pace well to you too Blue.


by jessie - 2007-04-28 07:04:25

hope it keeps raining for you. you sure need the rain. the poor animals. i love them . thanks for the lovely post and good for you travelling. i hope to soon as well. will let you know. have fun with kay. fond regards jessie


by Surferman - 2007-04-29 12:04:19

Like you, Blue, we, here in Southern California are suffering this year from lack of rainfall. We've only had 3.27 inches of it since 1 July, 06. Usually we get 11-13 inches and it get us through the year. We get much water from aqueducts in the mountains 400 miles away. I'm sure it's ever made worse seeing the animals react to the lack of rain. Global warming. Thanks for your comment about travel insurance. I'm going to look into it when I travel to Canada this summer. My wish is that you get lots of moisture out of the rain that's falling.
Keep on pacing. Surferman

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