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Hi All. I am having a little difficulty trying to do some basic exercise. I have a Medtronic dual chamber placed 7 yrs ago. Recently I was having difficulty just walking to take the garbage out where I would have to stop and rest due to being winded quickly.  I thought this was just from needing to exercise more so I joined the gym but continued to get sob easily with an sort of exercise. At my next interrogation visit the new cardiologist noted I was so sob just walking to the room. The reading was that I was havising about 8990 episodes of rate drop responses and multiple episodes of rapid heart rates. The rep was called and adjusted something but I still feel terrible. I was wondering if it's possible to lower the low rate to 50 instead of 60. I also take Metropolol for the fast heart rate.  Sorry for the long post, just trying to explain. Thanks for your help.


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by Tracey_E - 2021-06-23 10:26:03

It's hard to say what's going on, if it's the settings or the metoprolol, but if you feel that bad, go back. I'm no expert but  50 or 60 for a lower rate shouldn't make much difference in exercise tolerance because you won't be anywhere near that when you work out. Have you had a stress test to optimize settings?Sometimes watching what happens while we exert can help them fine tune. 

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by Gemita - 2021-06-23 14:02:49

Mary, I agree with Tracey_E, a stress test and some fine tuning of your settings would help.  Your doctors and technicians are best placed to help you.  I would also say that multiple episodes of rapid heart rates can certainly cause SOB (shortness of breath).  It does for me and that too may need treating as well as any fine tuning of your settings.  The Metoprolol should help but if you are still getting rapid heart rates, you need to ask your doctors what else you could do to maintain a steadier heart rate, to help with the SOB.

A pacemaker can prevent our heart rate from falling below the set minimum, but it cannot prevent a high heart rate from occurring and I think it is the intermittent rapid heart rate which is making you SOB, rather than your set minimum rate of 60 bpm being too high, if that makes sense.  

I will find Medtronic Rate Drop Response link in case this is helpful and post it shortly.  With all your Rate Drop Response episodes, I am not surprised you are feeling awful.  Your doctors have got some explaining to do and I would encourage you to ask for their advice as soon as possible to help with your symptoms. Good luck


go to a major hospital center

by marylandpm - 2021-06-24 07:27:24

   Go to a major hospital center and tell them you are having heart problems. Just go to the emergency room. Make sure it is the not a local hospital. A teaching hospital is better. 


Heart rate

by TAC - 2021-06-24 14:28:06

There is a generalized belief that a PM will solve all heart problems. It's not so. A PM only helps the heart to maintain a regular healthy rhythm. A PM doesn't cure arrhythmias, valve disease or heart failure. Exercise intolerance could be a sign of heart failure, valve disease, medication side-effect or arrhythmia. You need to be evaluated by your cardiologist. Hold you exercise until your doctor gives you the go ahead.

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