Does anyone take melotonin to help with sleep while having a pacemaker and taking blood pressure meds....makes my blood pressure low like 87/60 normally it’s 117/75 wondering if this happens to any one else



by Gemita - 2021-04-08 15:46:39

Hello JimmyandJeremy,

I took low dose (2 mg) Melatonin for a couple of months since my sleep consultant suggested it would help me.  He mentioned that my beta blocker, Bisoprolol could suppress my body's own production of melatonin (this can be a common problem with many beta blockers apparently).  

In your case, ref your lower than normal blood pressure, have you by chance increased your beta blocker/hypertension med, since this is more likely to decrease your blood pressure to those sort of levels more than the melatonin (although melatonin may lower blood pressure for some, although it didn't for me).  I took melatonin a few hours before bedtime.  Check with your doctors to see whether your hypertension meds need adjusting or whether your Melatonin dose should be adjusted.

How do you feel with a blood pressure of 87/60?  Mine can get that low too naturally (or even lower), but of course I don't feel well with those levels. Good luck


by JIMMYANDJEREMY - 2021-04-08 15:59:32

Thanks for answering and actually just feel a little tired when bp is that low


by Marybird - 2021-04-08 17:31:00

I took about 5 mg melatonin for quite a while to help me sleep. I don't think it had much affect one way or the other on my blood pressure, but I have high blood pressure that can be difficult to control although I take a number of medications for it,  exercise regularly and try to watch the salt intake. 

I stopped taking the melatonin as it seemed to leave me feeling dragged out in the morning, and I didn't need it for sleep as the nighttime doses of the medications I take make me sleepy enough for a decent night's sleep without the hangover in the morning. When I checked my blood pressure at the times I felt dragged out in the AMs after taking melatonin the night before, it was never low, often it would be high till I took my meds and exercised. 

I'm sure I would feel tired with a blood pressure of 87/ 60 too. 


by Julros - 2021-04-09 14:52:48

I do not take melatonin currently. I tried it in the past and it made me jittery and hung over. I take magnesium sulfate at night, and that seems to help sleep. I tried taking my lisinopril at various times to avoid low blood pressue, but morning seems to be best. At the direction of my doctor, I have been able to titrate my dose down. I I had an episode of woozy whilst out on my bike, and when I got home my BP was 80/40. Yuk. 

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