Went for my pre operation tests, blood & covid, ringing me Monday to confirm if surgery will go ahead. It's all happening so fast, went for pm check Monday got call Tuesday to have box change next week, it will be my third, our NHS is amazing. 



by Gemita - 2021-02-06 14:05:39

Hello Beats20+,

Yes our NHS is pretty special when it all goes according to plan.  You sound as though you have had a very good experience.  I do hope things continue to go well for you and the device change, your third, is a complete success.

Take care and please let us know how you get on if it goes ahead next week.


by Beats20+ - 2021-02-06 15:32:51

Thank you ,Stay safe


by Selwyn - 2021-02-07 15:29:29

Hi Beats20+

So nice to hear appreciation of our NHS. 

I received my Pfizer Covid vaccination this week, at no cost to me. My GP contacted me and they were able to not only fit me in later that day, my wife who is in her 60s (as am I, though on the vulnerable list)  got vaccinated as well.  No queue, just turned up 5 minutes before my appointment time. Parked up. Hand sanitizer and in I went. Also got my next vaccination appointment there and then !

I also had a telephone consultation with my electrophysiology cardiologist last week. He tells me he is also helping out with Covid patients that are saturating the wards. He is going to get me back in to the pacemaker clinic to give me a bit more ability to exercise (Viennese Waltz!).  We are so lucky to have the NHS. All medication is free after the age of 60, to those with poor finances, and those with a need for special life long treatment ( like diabetics). All medical treatment is otherwise free.  I was amazed to get vitamin D through the post as the NHS wants to protect my bones given the lack of sunshine this year due to lockdown. 

We are generally well looked after.

The best of British luck for your new box - I would be a little proactive and see what choice there is on offer. There is some negotiation to be had.


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