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I'm wondering if a pacemaker can ever be placed to far to the side? Every time I raise my arm straight out and up or reach across my chest such as when trying to put my hearing aids in or when I try to do anything like applying mascara or other eye makeup.It feels as if the pacemaker gets caught up or bound with my shoulder and it seems extremely close to my arm pit. It's also still painful with pain that I can't pinpoint after a month and it reminds me of the same pain I had after my first implant in 2014. One of the leads was in the wrong place and was firing against a nerve rather than my heart so it had to be repositioned. After my heart went into v-tac 3 times with them waiting a bit in between each attempt, after the third time they pulled the lead completely out and let my heart rest for 30 minutes before successfully getting it into the proper position. I'm actually sending a MyChart message to my EP as soon as I finish this post. 
Damie Rodriguez


Well done Damie

by Gemita - 2020-12-31 05:15:09

This really needs to be brought to the attention of your doctors.  None of us can possibly know how you are feeling or what you are experiencing, so you have done the right thing to raise this with your EP.  

My feeling is that although a device can be placed too far in one direction, they usually find the optimum position during surgery.  It is possible that your device may have migrated too far towards your armpit.  Mine has slightly and I also feel uncomfortable with certain movements.  When they place the device, a large anchor stitch usually holds the device in place to prevent movement in the early days. The stitch may have come away prematurely.  Once healing has taken place, everything usually gets well embedded and free movement of the device becomes less likely.  The leads are something separate and there will, out of necessity, be some slack to allow free movement, otherwise we would all be pulling our leads out.

As you have already had one bad experience with your leads, it is quite natural for you to be concerned.  Please let us know what your EP suggests?  Good luck Damie

I experienced the same.

by Pharnowa - 2020-12-31 10:01:35


I am 7 weeks post op. I,also have this placement. My EP said he had difficulty placing due to my not having much fat around my collar bone.. I consulted my cardiologist and a second EP. No one found a problem with it staying there, but all agreed if I insist, it can be moved. A reason to move vwould be pain. I have some pain but not enough to go thru another procedure.

Best wishes!



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