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So this is to all The Medtronic pacers.  I'm not fully understanding the transmission part.  I have a Medtronic azure and have sent in Manual transmissions.   But upon reading about it ..I'm confused.   Does it also send a report without me knowing (which is totally fine) or is the only time is when i send it out?  I am due to go to the pacemaker clinic on Tuesday and will be asking them a bunch of questions I'm not understanding.... but was hoping someone here can help me understand before then.  


Medtronic transmissions

by Gemita - 2020-11-29 06:40:28

Hello NHamblin, I hope you are feeling better.

No doubt you have a My Care Link phone monitor which you can use to send your transmissions?  I have a Medtronic pacemaker and a My Care Link phone/Patient Assistant wand device.  My system is capable of "automatically" downloading data without any input from me but I have been told I need to attend clinic in person regularly.  At the moment I transmit data manually whenever I need to.  In answer to your question, it really depends what your pacemaker clinic has set up for you.  You need to ask them whether "automatic" downloads are possible without any input from you?  (The parameters for remote monitoring need to be set up individually for each patient during in-clinic programming of the device). 

I believe most of us are set up to make periodic downloads say monthly, quarterly, six monthly, annually, or as often as required for our condition.  There is limited storage capacity in a pacemaker, so unless a significant event occurred or needs monitoring, I suspect frequent automatic downloads for example would not be practical.

When you go to your clinic, I would ask about using a smart phone mobile  APP as well.  They may need to set this up in your system too during your pacing appointment to make sure that it is recognised by your pacing system.  Good luck for Tuesday

Update sorry I see you are already using a mobile app with your pacemaker's hardware

Medtronic care link app

by Omar - 2020-11-29 09:49:02

Hey I hope you're feeling well, may I ask you how did you connect your pacemaker to the app I've tried so many times but it didn't work for me my pacemaker is Adapta ADDR01 


by nhamblin - 2020-11-29 09:57:26

OMAR ... II don't know.   My husband and the Medtronic tech had itvall setbit up before I got back to my room.   Sorry I couldn't be of more help 

Medtronic care link app

by Gemita - 2020-11-29 10:02:22

Omar, the above link might be worth reading, especially Marybird's contribution.  Also I would advise that you speak to your clinic.  Some clinics do not always recommend or support these apps (mine wasn't too keen) or they may have to set it up when you go for your appointment to make sure that it works properly.

Good luck

Medtronic app

by Omar - 2020-11-29 10:13:05

No worries Nhamblin :) 

Thanks Gemita for this link but my question was about how to connect my pacemaker to that app I'm not sure if my pm has bluetooth plus I don't think we have this option In Egypt as I asked my Ep about the app he didn't seem to have an idea about it so how can I make sure if my pm has bluetooth so I can connect it with the app

Medtronic transmission

by Gemita - 2020-11-29 10:35:39

Omar, have you actually got remote monitoring hardware facilities at home (e.g. Medtronic phone monitor/patient assistant device) connected up to your clinic and is your pacemaker quite new?   If the answer is yes, I cannot see a reason why you wouldn't be able to connect to the App.  

I do recall though a long discussion here on the difficulties of linking up to the App because I believe there are several different Apps available, at least for iPhone and some were better than others!  I also recall from the discussion that it is best to go into clinic to have it set up for you and that is what I would recommend you do to avoid further frustration and to make absolutely sure that your clinic supports the App and that your future data downloads will be successful.

Am surprised your EP was puzzled by your question which makes me wonder whether you have got home transmission facilities properly set up and have all the necessary hardware at home?  During my last pacemaker in hospital check, they set remote monitoring up for me to use with my Medtronic phone monitor/assistant device.  I asked about the App but they didn't recommend it for me, telling me to use instead my Medtronic hardware, so that is what I am doing.  They mentioned "reliability" was still a problem with some of the Apps available.  I don't know whether that helps.  I hope you get this sorted

Phone app

by Omar - 2020-11-29 13:21:48

I actually don't have any remote monitoring hardware (not that I'm aware of) and yes my pacemaker is new but the doctor told me to visit him every 6 months at the clinic that's all I'm not sure if these remote monitoring features are available in Egypt tho since no one said anything about them

Thanks Gemita you're always helpful :)


by Gemita - 2020-11-29 14:03:41

Well that explains why you cannot connect to the App - you don't have home monitoring.  What a pity though.  I feel sure remote monitoring will be available in Egypt.  

When you go in to see your EP next, ask whether it would be possible for you to get home monitoring?  My EP clinic said I had to go to clinic in person too for monitoring because of my heart condition, but nonetheless it is good to have the hardware at home that I can use when I need to.  It is a great facility. Good luck

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