how do I respond to a msg that I have started?



by Gemita - 2020-11-28 13:15:05

Make sure you are logged in!!  Go to your original post and press Read More, then scroll down and press Add Comment and then let us have your reply !!  

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by EdH - 2020-11-28 13:40:12

So far I hav gotten rid of Gagapentum (an opioid), Acid reflux RX, 1 of my blood pressure rx's ( was on two).

I'm still on statins, warfarin and prostate rx, I take mucho vitamin D on my own. My goal is to dump as much as I can and live a drug free life.

I believe that what I eat will solve most of my enflamation causing my problems.

same subject

by EdH - 2020-11-28 13:43:59

Sugar is poisin. get rid of sugar and junk food and I can get off the RX merry go round.

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by EdH - 2020-11-28 13:45:52

By the way i am pre diabetic also, thanks to my bad diet

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by EdH - 2020-11-28 13:52:27

bad liver blood test also due to too much advil and tylenal for my disk stenosis. no more tylenol or advil for my ankle pain. have quit both since september. (am toughening it out cold turkey) the last test 2 weeks ago brought my liver count back to normal.

You are doing well

by Gemita - 2020-11-28 13:53:27


Yes I was on a similar med to Gabapentin which I used for nerve pain.  It is used to treat epilepsy so it can be very difficult to tolerate.  The acid reflux can best be treated by a change in diet and reducing stress levels, but of course you sound as though you have got your stress well under control.  I am glad you were able to drop one of your blood pressure meds.

Do you self test with Warfarin?  There are newer meds now which are easier to take and do not require regular blood tests to ensure that the correct amount of the med is present in the body and not building up.  Also with the newer anticoagulants (Apixaban, Edoxaban, Rivaroxaban, Dabigatran) there are no food restrictions.

Yes I too firmly believe that the right diet is key to good health, as is lifestyle.  I believe that your most important med would be the anticoagulant and blood pressure tablet.

Yes sugar (+ too many refined carbohydrates which rapidly convert to sugar) can be very harmful and lead to obesity and diabetes as well as other health problems.  Hubby has diabetes unfortunately.

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