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I have had the PM (2 in 1) device for 3 weeks. Is a "pinching" sensation normal by the implant?

Thank you


Three weeks

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-06 21:41:14

All sorts of sensations are "normal" after three weeks and often a lot longer.  Your skin usually heals rather quickly but the tissue and particularly nerves take (much) longer.  As nerves knit back together you may feel all sorts of things.  I had intense itching for some time and significant contact sensitivity for months.  I'd give it more time but if it makes you feel better, call your doctor's nurse.  They may want to see you.

BTW, what do you mean by a "PM (2 in 1) device"?



Thank you

by Debann - 2020-10-06 23:07:09

PM, pace maker. Still very new to all this. Ty for your help.

2 in 1

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-07 12:18:52

Debann, I was asking what a "2 in 1" meant.


by Gotrhythm - 2020-10-08 15:49:27

Pinching, sometimes described as an "ant bite" sensation, itching, pulling, drawing--all are very common. No cause for alarm and go away after a while.

But nine years on, I still have mild itching sometimes in the area of the pacemaker.

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