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Hello, I had a pacemaker installed three months ago and have appreciated reading information on this forum. My question is about use of a Fitbit to track sleep stages after having a pacemaker.  I had tracked my sleep and sleep stages regularly using a Fitbit InspireHR device prior to the pacemaker. After getting the pacemaker my Fitbit device records little or no REM sleep. Deep sleep recorded is more variable than pre-pacemaker.  I've therefore been trying to find out whether my sleep is actually suffering or whether sleep stages can no longer be accurately determined with a Fitbit?  If the Fitbit is no longer accurate for sleep stages, are there other devices available that can record my sleep stages accurately?  
I have had sleep difficulties for several years and tracking and improving my sleep has been an important measure of health for me. I'd really appreciate anyone's experience or advice on this. Thanks so much.


sleep tracking

by Gemita - 2020-10-04 15:18:45

Hello Ella,

I have never actually used a home sleep tracking monitor (sounds like a good idea) but I have had two in hospital sleep studies carried out to assess my sleep patterns.  I can honestly say that my sleep has improved since my pacemaker was implanted and this was reflected in my last sleep study. 

The only advice I can offer is that if you have had sleep difficulties for several years, I would get professional help and maybe a proper sleep study performed by a sleep consultant to give you essential, detailed information which I do not believe is possible with home monitoring.  Armed with this information you can then make a decision on how best to get a better night's sleep and which sleep aids, or sleep monitors would be best for you. 

FitBit sleep tracking

by AgentX86 - 2020-10-04 15:48:02

Yeah, no, tey're useless for tracking the quality of sleep, particularly for those of us who have a pacemaker.  Mine showed that my REM sleep improved. There is nothing they can track. It's a guess with "normal" people. Don't obsess over such trivia.

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