Just wondering if anyone uses a cpap machine I ended up having to have sleep study done after pacemaker lead moved from original spot anyways I've been getting bad sinus pressure I've tried everything my machine has humidifier on it I take sinus meds daily running out of options 



by arentas80 - 2020-09-30 02:31:48

Hi there!

I use a CPAP nightly. It took a while to get the right temperature setting on the humidifier and to find the right mask. I say keep trying and eventually it will work itself out. I use it nightly and have no issues at all. I won't sleep without it anymore no matter how ridiculous I look LOL! Wish you luck! Take care!


Running out of options, I well know the feeling

by Gemita - 2020-09-30 14:54:07

Hello Dabratt,

Oh to be able to wear a comfortable mask and fall asleep naturally without fighting the air, the mask, the discomfort !!  Actually I gave up in the end with my sleep consultant's blessing.  He agreed with me that it is better to get a few hours of sleep than none at all.  

I agree completely with Alejandro though that it takes time to find a suitable mask and to get the settings right for you, but if you can find a good mask, that is half the battle won.  I tried so many masks, finding nasal pillows the best choice for me until I started having sinus problems and nose bleeds when my consultant told me enough was enough and to stop using my "torture".  I am now practicising side sleeping with great success and getting some decent sleep.  

My advice would be to go back to your clinic if you haven't already done so, to ask one of the sleep technicians with a lot of patience to help you try out mask upon mask to see if one can successfully relieve your problem and also ask about APAP (auto adjustable positive airway pressure) rather than CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure).  APAP may make a difference and relieve your difficulties.  You could also ask to try out different masks during another sleep study, if your consultant and insurance company agrees to this?

Sleep apnea is so dangerous and can cause many health problems so it is really worth trying to persevere with treatment.  I know I didn't but my main sleep apnea occurred with back sleeping.  Side sleeping has largely eliminated this.  Good luck and do not give up until you have tried absolutely everything.  There is an excellent sleep apnea support group that gave me a lot of advice and I will post a link in case this helps.

I have just read your medical history and Bio.  I am truly sorry to read about the loss of your dear husband and everything that you have been through.  All I can say is stay strong and well for yourself and for your wonderful family.  They need you more than ever now.  You will find a way through all of this sadness and come out of it a much stronger person.  I send my very best wishes to you and to your family

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