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Hi all just a couple of quick questions as I'm quite new to all this.

First of all how long does it normally take for the hospital to send out the pacemaker I'd card and secondly how many of you guys wear some sort of jewellery that states you have a pacemaker fitted to alert medical staff.

Many thanks


ID card and jewlery

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-26 16:59:51

They should have given you a temporary card before you left the hospital.  IIRC, the card from Medtronic took a couple of weeks.  I''m not a big fan of these cards.  IME, no one wants to see them or will believe them.  They're not needed in airports either, unless you like being groped by a large TSA agent.

I wear both a bracelet and a dog tag.  The dog tag has more room for information but I think it's better to make it obvious.  I've heard of people passing out and laying on their necklace so the information goes unheded.

i did have occaision to use mine.  I was incapacitated (consious but paralized for a while) and the EMTs knew I had a PM because they could read my ID(s).  The EMTs, nor the hospital, cared squat about my Medtronic card.

State that you have a PM and if you're on any anticoagulants.  Then a contact phone number (I recommend against a name).  Whatever space is left, give more indications about your condition.

device info

by islandgirl - 2020-07-26 18:20:28

My card was mailed to me from Medtronic, my device manufacturer.  I am assuming I got a temporary card.  I keep all of my health information on my iphone health app (the app with a red heart).  I have it accessible without a password, an option even though the general information on my phone is password protected. I keep my meds and health history current. When I had my cardiac arrest the emergency personnel checked my phone and was impressed I had that information.  When I volunteered as an EMT/firefighter, we learned about the app and the deputies are also aware.  I don't wear any alert jewelry.  The 2nd time the ER knew to check access was due to a severe allergic reaction and I could not communicate.  I assume other operating systems also have that important access.   I have had to show my card a few times during international travel.  It's easier for a woman to keep their purse with them.  I keep my card with me if I go for a walk and also always take my phone.  It is an individual choice and you should decide what is comfortable and practical for you. Good luck!  

Cards and ID

by Theknotguy - 2020-07-26 18:42:25

I carry both the pacemaker card and a medical ID.  EMT's are now trained to look for the medical ID cards in our area and the state in which I live. 

AgentX86 is right.  Airport security doesn't care about the medical card.  Last I got was, "Yeah, yeah you got a pacemaker.  Now get in line!"

I got one of the ID cards that has a thumb drive in it, then got into an argument with hospital security about if they would read the thumb drive in their computers as they were afraid of computer viruses.  Had to go all the way to the top of their computer system people and they said they'd be able to use the thumb drive.  But that doesn't mean they'll read the drive as some low level flunky will probably get scared for his job and refuse to use it.  

The ID metal tag with the thumb drive was big enough that I could etch as much info onto it as I wanted.  The EMT's will have enough basic information to alert the hospital ER and give them enough time to get my records.  All local hospitals in my area signed an agreement several years back that if one had information on you they would share that info with the other.  So if I'm unconscious and end up at a hospital other than my regular hospital where I live they can still get my info.  But that's only good for the major metro area.  If I'm out of the area I usually carry printed information.  

There is no good answer as to what will work.  You do what you can and hope for the best. Before I had an ID card I was hiking on a trail with the two dogs.  Turned to go on the exit trail when everything went black.  Next thing I know a nurse was shaking my arm saying, "You've been down too long we've got to  get you up! "  I had been in a six day coma and, by the time I woke up, they had all my records and had implanted my pacemaker.  I was wondering why I had a sore shoulder and they finally told me I had gotten the pacemaker.  

Hope the adjustment to your pacemaker goes well.

Another Option

by AgentX86 - 2020-07-26 20:27:14

StickyJ has a red aluminum "credit card" sort of emergency ID that they'll etch with your medical information.  At 8 lines x 50 characters there's enough space for quite a lot of information.  They're cheap enough to keep up to date medication information on them, as well.

I use the jewlery only for information that an EMT would need now!  I also have my wife's phone number on it.  She knows all the relevant information.    Information of less immediate importance I put on one of these in case they can't locate SWMBO.


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