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Hello there! I'm 32 years old and I'm so glad to know I'm not the youngest person with a pacemaker (or will I'll be having my pacemaker put in on the 9th. Switching out a monitor that is alrady been hanging out for a few weeks. I guess what I wanted to ask is: How long should I take off from work. I am a retail store manager. I was fine after about 3 days when they put my monitor in. Will the pm be that much different really? Also the whole lifting my arm above my head thing. Is that for real? One more thing. How long was everyone in the hospital after surgery? Lots of questions I know....but thanks!



by Shell - 2007-04-29 02:04:08

When I got my PM (it will be year on Friday) I took 1 1/2 weeks off because my surgery was on a Thursday.I stayed in the hospital overnight.(I was dischrgedaround
11:00) Like Cathryn said don't lift you arm over your head but do move it some and don't lift heavy items with that arm either.(about 15 lbs was what I was told) I used to work in reatail so I know that can be tough when you getting stock in. I think I dared after about 3 weeks to lift my left arm up enough to pull my hair into a ponytail but not straight up. I did wait for that though I did catch myself a few times almost going to reach for something in a cabinet. I didn't have any trouble with sleeping. I did have to sleep on my back for a little while (I usually sleep on my left side) and I took a small pillow to but under my left arm for comfort. If you have kids let them know what's going on. My had to be told no to tackle me and not to give bear hugs for a bit.They were really good though. I only think I didn't like was not being able to drive. My doctor told me not too for 2 weeks(though it varies) I hated not being able to out when I wanted to (especially when I went back to work I needed a ride for a week. Good luck.

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by pace1 - 2007-04-29 02:04:16

I'm also 32 years old and just got a dual chamber PM just over 2 months ago. Like the other two said, everyone is different. If you're pretty active and in good shape, you probably won't need to take off but a week. I was feeling fine by the fourth day and taught class (high intense cycling class) on the 8th day. But everyone is different; you have age on your side though.
My dr. said I could lift weights and raise my arm above my head at 4 weeks, which I did with no problem. There again, depends. I was obsessed with taking my heart rate all the time at first, but now I hardly think about it. I don't feel any different, but I never had any symptoms...NONE...never dizzy, fatigued, etc. The dr.'s (I went for 3 opinions) didn't know why I hadn't passed out, felt dizzy, etc. since my heart rate was so low (dropped to 27 3 times in 24 hours and mid 30's just sitting there). I'm just a freak I guess! ha ha Good luck and keep us posted!


by queen_beez - 2007-04-29 02:04:47

I just wanted to welcome you to this online family of sorts. Cathryn has really advised you well and I would have writtten all that she said but luckily I was second to post so I don't have I took a little longer but I was very sore and I or should I say my body was having a tough time adjusting to the pm. But after a few interagations I was doing so much better. I would recomend you ask about the settings on the pm before you go home. Don't ask right after because you may not be all there so to speak to remember what was said.I was "set" for my pm to do a check every night at 1 a.m. I was awoken every night feeling the check in progress. I didn't know what it was but it made me have rapid heartbeat and pain at the site. I went to my cardio and the ep did a check and realise my body was not at all happy with being bothered at 1 a.m. He turned this feature off as it was not really needed for me. The problem was gone. My site however took quite awhile to heal. On the top it was fine but under the skin the pain was there for sometime and the mucsle strain was very noticeable. Those are a couple of things I would add but otherwise as Cat said do as your body tells you to do. It will "talk" to you. You just need ,at least in the begining, remember you are not super woman. I now have times ,more often that not, that I don't even remember I have a pm. I never thought in the begining of all of this ,I would feel this way. It was more painful than the docs imply and it is simple to a point but it is surgery and the body will decide what it wants. It is up to you to listen. Good luck to you and again welcome.
P.S. I ,too, am young for the procedure, I'm 43 and have a dual medtronic. Amazing how one can feel in ones head too. I notice I am sleeping better because I know that I have a back up system.(in the begining it was tough as the pain and position in which to sleep were a factor but now I am sleeping a good 6/7 hours, which for me is unreal. Docs said that my heartbeat would get so low that my body would in sorts wake itself up ,which was 6/7 times a night. not fun. Anyway I hope you know that you now have some online friends,day or night.there is different knowledgeable people here too.You will get to know them. Smitty ,I could not have made it without his knowledge that helped me ask the docs the right ???s, Sharon ,so kind and always seems to find the answers, and Valerie will keep you laughing.She is the baby in the bunch, lol ,even though she is an old soul.James will send you all the prayers you need.There are so many more but you will meet them.Take care and do not stress all is well and the docs will take care of you and the "club" will get you through the stuff that those close to you can't.
Truly, your "strange" friend,

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by CathrynB - 2007-04-29 10:04:09

Hi Whimsical. I hope your surgery and recovery go well and your life is improved after receiving your pacemaker! I took 10 calendar days off work when I got my PM in January, because I had enough sick leave to cover the time. But I know there are people who take more, and those who take less. I'd recommend you take as long as you can, because you'll heal faster, have less stress, etc. I slept an hour or two every afternoon for about 3 weeks. I did not have an implanted monitor, so I can't compare the two surgeries. Yes, the whole lifting your arm above your head thing IS for real . . .lol!! Most of us were advised to not lift our arm above shoulder height for 6 weeks. That, to me, was the hardest part of recovery. But be sure to move your arm around a lot, but not above your shoulder, or your range of motion can be negatively affected, you can get frozen shoulder, and it will hurt more to start using it again afterwards. I didn't wear an arm sling, but some folks do. I did tie my wrist to my waist at bedtime (a string about 12 inches long so I could still move it) because I woke up in the middle of the night once with my arm over my head. I desparately did NOT want to pull an electrical lead and have to go through surgery again. I stayed in the hospital one night after getting my PM -- that seems to be common, but some people go home the same day, and some with more complicated medical conditions than mine stay longer. Please let us know how it goes! Take care, Cathryn

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by SuperBionic - 2007-05-04 11:05:49


I just received my medtronic on 30 April. I was great to feel better. I feel like I have tons of energy and yet I and wondering if I can really put this baby to the test.

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