I am 85 years old, was fitted with a dual pacemaker in February this years.

My first check up was cancelled due to this visus. as I am classed as vulnerable due to COPD beside heart problems I don't know when I will get checked so am a bit worried

Previous to fitting I was getting dizzy spells and BP dropping when standig from sitting, These seem to have stopped now so I guess it must be working ok, but I would still like a followup check.



follow up

by Tracey_E - 2020-05-13 09:59:04

It's good to have a follow up but it's mostly a formality. They will tweak the settings to maximize battery life, make sure the incision healed well. If you are having symptoms, they will make changes to the settings to fix it. If you are feeling good, they weren't going to do much anyway so if it were me, I'd rather wait until it's safer to go out. 

in addition...

by AgentX86 - 2020-05-13 10:28:43

If they gave you a remote monitor, it might be a good idea to transmit an interrogation to them just to make sure everything is good. It sounds like you're doing well so if you have no signs of infection,  I wouldn't worry about your appointment right now.

Missing check up due to Covid crisis

by Selwyn - 2020-05-13 10:53:15

Hi Shatter5, welcome to the club.

The NHS does not do remote check ups.

It is worth phoning the department and speaking to one of the techs. there. 

The Covid wards are quite seperate from pacemaker clinics and would be safe provided the present precautions advised by Government are followed.

Either speak with your consultant's secretary ( via the hospital switch board in Huddesfield) or directly with someone from the pacemaker clinic.

I would not be too worried about attending a set appointment time as they will keep the numbers low enough to social distance, as a minimum. There is plenty of hand gel available in outpatients these days.

I see this lunch time the National news is advising people to present to hospital if  they are acutely ill as they would have done normally.


by Gemita - 2020-05-13 13:44:49

Hello Shatter5,

My hubby is 81 and his recent pacemaker check was cancelled too and it is not due for another year now.  I was quite concerned for him because he has had a few dizzy spells and I wanted his clinic to correlate his symptoms with any events he may have had.  However they told me that if we are in any way concerned, all we need to do is to call them and they would arrange for someone to see us at any time which is sensible I suppose.

My husband also has COPD and heart disease so they admitted it was best for us to stay away from the hospital at this time.  

Since you are no longer having dizzy spells, this is probably a good sign that your pacemaker and you are functioning well.  If this changes, then you can always ask for an early appointment.  I hope you receive a follow up appointment date soon.

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