Waking feeling hot and sick.

I'm 9week post op and the last few nights I've been occasionally waking up through the night feeling sickly and sweating.

I've just upped my exercise levels over the last week and am worrying I might've done too much and/or setback my recovery.

I've got a dual chamber pm.

Any advice or similar experiences?

Thanks, Dan.


Could you be diabetic?

by LondonAndy - 2020-05-08 18:38:39

I remember my GP, after I became diabetic about 25 years ago, saying to me at an appointment six months or so later: don't assume that everything that happens now is because you are diabetic.  I am not saying your night-time issues are not to do with the pacemaker (I honestly don't know, and others may well be able to offer better advice), but one possibility is if you use of energy has gone up but food intake not you had a hypo. (Low blood sugar).

Another possibility is dehydration - especially if you are on a water tablet such as Furosemide now.  This happened to me, with similar symptoms and dizziness, a few years ago.  Not much to go on in your profile.

I would seek advice if it doesn’t resolve quickly

by Gemita - 2020-05-08 19:56:44

During the first couple of months after my dual chamber PM implant, I  found I had an increasing heart rate during the night (tachycardia of around 130-150 bpm).  It did produce similar symptoms to yours. Initially I thought it was pacemaker related but it eventually settled down with medication dose adjustments and eventual cessation of my anti arrhythmic med Flecainide which for me had become pro arrhythmic.  Beta blockers can also cause sweating as can other meds.  Sweating has many causes, some more serious.

Perhaps you could check to see if your heart rate is high at night Dan when you wake up in a sweat and if it is, you could ask your pacemaker clinic to carry out a few checks.  Do you have home monitoring?  Also, do you have sleep apnea?  This can wake us up fighting for air and cause similar symptoms to yours.  I wouldn't push too hard with exercise if this is happening frequently.  Is there a possibility that you could still have an infection present?  I have just re-read your history.  An ongoing infection can certainly cause these symptoms too.  Also you could get your thyroid checked.  I would seek medical advice if this goes on Dan just to be safe.

Night sweats..

by Bigdan - 2020-05-09 04:53:58

Thanks for the replies, a lot to think about and take into consideration.

I don't have any monitoring at home unfortunately so might give the hospital a call and try to get it checked just for peace of mind.

Happened again last night every time my partner got too close.

Through the day I've been fine, cycling, chainsawing and painting yesterday. Perhaps I could be dehydrated slightly.

The day before I was retraining at work chopping cars up and dragging dummies and hose around wearing breathing apparatus so was wondering if the PM settings are struggling to find a regular pattern now I've upped my exertion levels.

Pacemaker settings

by LondonAndy - 2020-05-09 06:13:02

If it was the settings that were wrong you would feel that during the exertion, not at night.

Blood pressure meters are about £20 - £40 (the type with the cuff that goes around the arm are generally easier to get a good reading from that those on the wrist), and a blood glucose meter is cheap too - £15 - £25, or your GP may arrange one.  I find it really useful to have one at home - you can take your blood pressure (and see your pulse rate) at the time you aren't feeling right, which is much more useful info for a doctor some hours later.

Also, maybe try drinking a large glass of water in the hour before bedtime - don't gulp it all down in one go.  That would help work out if dehydration is the issue.

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