Under the muscle

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I have had a PM for almost 20 years so I am not new to this but it's been decided that they are going to put Mt PM under the muscle I am OK with this and should of asked the following questions from my tech but I didn't so can anyone tell me do they use the same scar area, do they use the same leads, will it just be a day case or do I need to stay in over night and lastly is the recovery time different.

Sorry for all the questions should of asked but we got talking about other things and I didn't address these points, so anyone who had there PM under the muscle I wold appreciate the above info

Thank you 





Under muscle

by jennk - 2020-05-08 01:25:36

Mine used the same scar and I went home after surgery recovery room. Same leads.  The  recovery was much more painful than when just under the skin, but it was worth it.  I did have an uncommon complication and had to have the whole surgery over again about six months later, but now it's been a year and I am much happier with the placement.

moving it

by Tracey_E - 2020-05-08 10:02:06

I've had mine moved. They can definitely use the same leads, there should be plenty of slack to reach wherever the new box will be placed. Ask if they are using the same incision, tell them that's what you want if at all possible. It should be a day procedure, no overnight, that's only for new leads. You will probably be more sore than the last time but I didn't find it that bad. The first few nights I took something to sleep, other than that I got by on tylenol and ice packs. 

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