Pacemaker rejection

Since July of 2018 I've had 3 pacemakers implanted the last was the Micra leedless placed in my heart my problem is that no one wants to look into the reason why I rejected the first 2 had no infection before first pacemaker they did a metal test n it was negative but after that placement my body rejected it like a giant splinter does anyone out there know of any place that wishes to find out the reason why my doctor is letting it lie like a sleeping dog since the one in my heart hasn't had any complications



I asked before

by AgentX86 - 2020-03-20 12:21:06

But didn't get an answer.  What do you mean by "rejection"?  Does it come back through the skin (like your "splinter" example)?  If so, this isn't unknown and is usually caused by the patient playing with it, perhaps unconsciously. It's common enough that it has a name, "twiddler's syndrome".  The usual result is broken leads but coming back to the surface isn't unknown either.  It's very serious.  Since they've implanted a Micra, it's no longer a problem so why worry?

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