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  Good morning! To the persons who read my long posts, I received the results of both my Nuclear Stress test and my PET scan for Cardiac Sarcoidosis yesterday evening. Both were negative. No sign of any blockage, normal pumping ability and no Sarcoidosis. We are now going to monitor my Pacemaker's function and its impact on my heart every 3 months going forward. 

  My cardiologist is attributing my 3rd degree heart block to aging and when I asked why me since I have always exercised and been pretty responsible with my diet he said "you're a little young for this; (63 on Monday) yet it happens and we may never know why"? Then he said, "why do some ppl not get Grey hair" and laughed because I don't have any yet. I said "ok point taken."

  So I will keep swimming, coordinating my business,  spending time with friends and family make the most of what remains of my life. I will also try and read the new posts here occasionally and offer any perspective I may have. I feel like I have had a crash course in a few areas of Cardiovascular Disease and Pacemaker involvement in the last 2 months, lol. 


Cardiac Sarcoidosis

by Gemita - 2020-02-10 04:43:46

Hi Johnny,

That is excellent news and hopefully puts your mind at rest and you can move forward and live the best life you can with your little pacemaker.  It will keep you going for many years I am sure if you continue to look after yourself.

On page 4 of PM Club recent postings there is a good thread from CMH22567 on the subject of "Total Heart Block - 5 years" and its relationship with frequent RV pacing.  Don't know if you saw it ?  Personally, I am not going to be overly concerned about the need to change from right high septal pacing to HIS bundle pacing but please keep in touch and let us know what you and your EP eventually decide.

Hope you had a good break Johnny.

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