Abnormal heartbeat

Hey guys, 26 been dealing with heart issues, rundown real fast,born with tof got valve replaced in Jan 2019 then in March...had to have pacemaker for slow-fast heart rate... past two months.... we still trying to figure out what's happening....long story short in June is when I first noticed my heart rate was beating to fast over little things....walking to long.....working out.....sex....getting nervous.....it would be fast then slow down from 130s then drops to 60-70 beats for a while then jumps back to 120 and stayed high...they put me on verapamil 180....it's been doing better but I still get episodes.....along with fast heart rate my blood pressure jumps high when it's beating fast as well.....they want to do tredmill test....I'm on Mobile ecg right now...they claim they don't see nothing wrong...but my iPhone shows the beats going from high to low to back to high....certain things trigger them.....they still haven't properly diagnosed with anything yet they just said I might have atrial tachycardia so far....it's just been heard I also have back problems I have DDD AND MILD Scoliosis and I've told them maybe that effects heart rate and they always tell me no but if you.... have a pinched nerve it can mess with tour heart rate...I just feel lost and wonder if any one has gone threw the same thing....I just feel like I can't workout I mean if some one was trying to chase and kill me my heart would start tripping it didn't beat consistently fast like it should 


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