Medtronic ICD 3-wire upgrade

Monday, I will get a new 3-wire ICD implanted. This will replace my 2-wire ICD.  Will this unit be compatible with my "Mycarelink" patient monitor?

Thanks.  ---   EdP



by AgentX86 - 2019-10-05 11:47:45

If the new pacemaker is from the same manufacturer, the old Carelink box will probably work but I'm not sure why you care.  They would give you a new box anyway and, if you're lucky, it'll be just an app for your phone.  Is there something special about your old box?

3 wire

by ROBO Pop - 2019-10-08 07:38:32

Why does everybody consider a change to a 3 lead device an upgrade ...just more wires to trip over.

Assuming you are getting the same brand device, your home monitor should be fine. However if not they'll just send you a new one. Hope you haven't become attached to the current monitor

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