medic alert

since i obtained my 3 lead pacemaker i have a bracelet. also because i am often by myself now in the car i thought it might be wise to do this. i also carry a list of my meds from pharmacy in my wallet. having at one time worked in e.r. it was common to check wallets for list of meds in motor vehicle accidents where someone arrived unable to communicate. in our ambulances now they can look up my medical history and it will have an alert on it that i have a pacemaker. my husband died a few months back and when he was given cpr he became conscious again quickly. we found out later  it was the vagas nerve because of his foot pain. i said afterwards you didnt say you wanted to go to vegas. all kidding aside tho i was with him and able to give the complete history. in our small rural hospital the dr asked me if i had any thoughts on where he should send him. i replied that if he called his cardiologist in toronto he could maybe help. he did and a bed was arranaged at a medical centre an hour away. it was there they decided it was the vagus nerve. so again if someone is with you that knows your history its great but if not best to wear pacemaker jewellery. it's worth it for the price. jessie


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