I'm Back

Hello Everyone!

I've been away for a while as I have been busy taking care of my Mom who after four months after my Father's death and my PM implant began suffering with a bit of depression and anxiety.

My Mom has always been a very strong woman when it comes to moments of crisis, she has always been someone's "Rock of Gibraltar."

After the crisis of my Father's death and my surgery passed, the reality of my Father being gone and all the concerns of being a new widow bombarded her. She was too busy trying to get through the crisis that she didnt' take time to grieve for my Father. Losing my Father devastated me, but if I have to cry, I cry.......my Mom is not like that.....she holds it all in. I still cry and grieve my Father's loss, but I know he was ready to leave. I know where he is and I KNOW that I will see him again.

To make a long story short, she is doing much better now and is getting back into the groove of life and so am I.

I will continue keeping in touch and posting. Have a great day everyone! Much love to all!


Good to see you back!

by johng - 2007-05-01 04:05:46

I'm glad to hear that you are getting back to normal.
Unfortunately, for some of us, surgery can have a big effect on us mentally and emotionally.
You are young enough to really benefit from your PM.
Having your Mum to support will help keep you busy.

Don't neglect the feelings of depression and anxiety. While they are natural enough, they can be helped by talking to your doctor.
Lots of luck, I look forward to your postings in the future.

Hi Thelma

by Suze - 2007-05-01 07:05:16

Hi...I'm fairly new here and would like to welcome you back. I'm so happy things are looking up for you and your mom.

Thanks for the update.

Take care,

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