Dear All,
My father has got a pacemaker implanted almost a year ago. I just wanted to ask whether anyone knows whether going to a high altitude will do any harm to the pacemaker. actually he is planning for a trip to a high spot. Please reply me as soon as possible.


high altitude w/PM

by CathrynB - 2007-05-04 10:05:35

Hi Geetu. I have a 3-month-old pacemaker and have climbed to the peak of a 10,000 foot mountain in Colorado recently. I've also got a trip planned to the top of Mt. Rainier this summer, 14,400 feet. My EP says altitude is not a problem for the PM. There's one person on this website who has climbed Mt. Cameroon in Africa, also about 14,000 feet. My EP even suggested high altitude MIGHT be easier for me now than it used to be, as I'm getting enough oxygen with increased blood flow. Tell your Dad Happy Trekking, and give us a report afterward on how things go! Take care, Cathryn

go for it!

by bambi - 2007-05-06 10:05:31

I've climbed mountains with my pacemaker, and had no problems.Just a little short of breath. The highest elevation I've been at is about 10,000 feet.Tell Dad to have a great time! Bambi

Pikes Peak

by Joedon - 2007-05-11 01:05:35

I have climbed Pikes Peak (14000+) and ran the Mt Baldy Race to the Top that requires one to run 8 miles from an altitude of 6K to 10K. I have had no problems

20,000 feet No problems

by Trevor - 2015-08-03 08:08:27

Hi, First post. Had emergency PM inserted Feb 2013. Heart Block Stage 3. No problems one day, felt dizzy, noticed HR at 20bpm & 5 hrs later had PM installed. Feel just like I did before that horrible day.HR set at 62bpm now. 6 months later flew directly from Australia to Denver, into the mountains at relatives house of 7850 feet. No problems. This year June 2015 just back from Lhasha in Tibet at 12,500 feet. Walking up the steps of Potala Palace a bit of a challenge, but no worse than most people. I am 61 years old & 20 year olds struggled. Continued onto Himalayas at 6200m ( 20,300 feet) and once again no problems. All others on the tour had to use oxygen at some stage, except myself, wife & 21 yr old son. Admittedly we took Acetazolamide tablets 3 days before reaching that altitude. Did not experience shortage of breath or discomfort. Before travelling I was somewhat concerned how I would go, and really couldn't find much help on the internet re: Pacemakers & Altitude. Having been to such heights and exersize there, I would most definitely do it again. I didn't check with my Dr before traveling, probably should have, but with no other heart problems went anyway. Check with individual doctors anyway, just to make sure!

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