Newness and questions on Fluid Retention

This site is wonderful. I have felt so lost and almost desperate at times trying to understand everything. I suffered Sudden Cardiac Death on 12-31 around 4:30am. My husband heard my last breath and with his CPR until the Paramedics arrived they were able to revive me. fter two days on a ventilator seven days later I had an ICD put in. I still am very sore and not quite me yet and wondering how long until I really feel better. Still can't lay flat to sleep and don't know why but at least I am sleeping now with the help of a foam wedge. Still having trouble being short of breath and the fluid retention is not only in my feet and legs but seems to be in my abdomen as well. Saw the doctor last week and he put me on Lasix but the swelling is still pretty bad. So much for my great weight loss last year! The doctor also wants me to go into cardiac rehab in the next week or so. Guess that will help me get back to my old self. Not use to the inablilty to do all that I want to do part of this and still trying to be brave and work through the mental part of the fact that I died and that now I'm alive. The Lord has our days numbered and so I know that my number has not been reached yet or else I wouldn't be here making this post. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated. Until next time........


God Bless

by kcruz - 2009-01-27 06:01:20

Welcome to the group. Words of encouragement is that in time you should feel better. For everyday that you are in a hospital or struck by an illness it can take 2_3 days to regain your strength. So don't beat your head on the wall about not being yourself quite yet, Also with near death experiences I can say in some ways it changes you as you stated you appreaciate your 2nd chance. As for the fluid and trouble breathing I would keep in close contact with the doctor so that if needed medication can be adjusted, and don't hesitate to call him . take care

any diet

by walkerd - 2009-01-27 07:01:26

I know I have to watch my salt and fat intake pretty closely. I sure can tell when i consume to much salt the day before. Like kcruz says keep a close eye on it and dont be afraid to be a pest, which you are not, to the doctor I know i was and i figure they are getting payed way good enough and if someone thinks im a pest about my health then so be it. Hope everything turns out for the best. I know what you mean about the change of life or i mean the way you look at it I know it did me. for the most part.

Some general comments

by BillMFl - 2009-01-27 11:01:26

Your entire body/organs/systems have been thru a lot of trauma. It will take you time to recuperate. A balanced diet that includes plenty of lean protein (chicken, steak, fish) will help your body repair itself. If in fact you have congestive heart failure, even your heart can regain fuction with rest and time. It is important that you get up and move around. I've been yanked out of bed the day after major surgery and forced to walk down the hall even tho I sure didn't want to. Its important to do at least a little each day and gradually increase your activity if you can. Time will be on your side and you should gradually regain strength and the sense of well being. I know nothing about your age and condition, but rehab is very, very important. The more active you become, the more you will improve. Go as soon as your doc approves, and give it your best even if it is hard at first. You made it thru the worst, now you can keep getting better!

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