When semi-active in vary warm weather (temperature over 85), I often experience breathing difficulty and an odd sort of heaviness in my chest. My pulse gets erratic. One one occasion , within hours , I went to the cardiologist but EKG and pacemaker check revealed no problem. This has happened when I'm on the golf course (using an electric cart), and when I'm on the golf practice range.

Have had the pacer over 2 years but just began experiencing this during the last year. Also, as the temperature warms up by mid morning, , if I don't shed a layer of clothing soon enough, I begin to experience the heaviness in my chest.

Any clues on the cause or the solution?


stress test

by Tracey_E - 2008-12-08 08:12:56

Have you had a stress test? If not, you might want to ask for one. Sometimes they can't catch things on the pm check but they can when they watch your hr go up on exertion with the stress test and figure out what's going on. They can also measure your bp and oxygen saturation at the same time to see if that's the problem.

Any time you have chest pain or heaviness in the chest, stop what you are doing!

Is rate response turned on? Why did you get the pm originally? It's normal for your needs to change over time. I've had a pm since 93 and have had my settings tweaked more times than I can count over the years as my heart and lifestyle have changed.


by ibehurtin - 2008-12-09 10:12:35

if you only have pacer it may be time to look into a defib , icd i had pretty much the same thing they took pacer out and put in icd doing much better now

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