How soon did you see your doctor

I was just wondering how soon after you had your pacemaker put in did you see your doctor. I went this past Monday for a one week checkup, but only with the nurse. She looked at my incision and and explained how my monitoring system works and that was it. She didn't seem concerned that I have bronchitis.

I don't see my doctor until the end of January. Is this common? I figured he would want to see me a lot sooner than that.



Depends on how doc gets paid.

by ElectricFrank - 2008-12-04 01:12:22

The time until the first pacemaker checkup depends a lot on whether the doc gets paid separately for the checkup or if it is included in the implant fee. Unfortunately this is how many medical decisions are made.

In my case I had to request (firmly) that I have a checkup much sooner because the settings weren't very comfortable. I pushed the issue and got one in about two weeks.

A lot depends on how you are feeling. The bronchitis isn't likely related to pacer settings so this isn't a reason. You won't likely notice problems with settings until you get over the initial discomfort of the surgery and start to get more active. I was just one of those weirdos who started walking vigorously right after the implant so ran into upper HR limit issues.

Remember to get a copy of the pre and post checkup report at the first checkup. This is important.


My experience from the UK

by Wingart - 2008-12-04 04:12:25

Hi Susan

I am resident in the UK and rely on the NHS. I saw the cardiologist just once before my implantation in November 2007 and I have not seen a doctor or cardiologist since; only the technicians who run the diagnostic checks.

Oh I tell a lie, I did see a doctor in A & E in January when the pm settings went awry, but all he did was call the technicians who came down and reprogrammed me.

I feel somewhat cast adrift without a lifeboat but thankfully have had no more problems since from which I would rescuing!

If the bronchitis persists you will need to see your own doctor.

I wish you well


Post Implant Visit

by melland - 2008-12-04 08:12:31

I was told by the Cardiologist on the day of my implant (end of October) to schedule an appointment for two weeks later. Did that and when I went it was not with the Doctor but with the nurse/technician in the pacer lab. She cleaned up the final incision dressings and then looked at the performance of the the ICD and said things were working as they should be. She then explained the Medtronic Carelink box and scheduled my next appointment for the middle of March which she said would be with the Doctor. She stated that I would need to come in every four months and that those visits would be with the Doctor. In the meantime the Carelink box would notify them if I was having a problem. I have a Concerto so it talks to the box via wireless when it runs its daily diagnostic check.

Post Implant

by PeggyR - 2008-12-04 10:12:22

My implant was 9/5/08 and my check up with the cardiologist was 2nd week in November, I was told he had nothing available in October. They did make an appt for me mid October with the PM Clinic technician. If I had any problems with PM I would have insisted on earlier appt, but all was fine. Maybe see your family doc for the bronchitis? My cardio doc doesn't really handle that type of thing.
Good luck, take care


Follow up

by momoftwo - 2008-12-05 09:12:01

I want to thank everyone for their comments. I also wanted to let you know that I have already seen a doctor about the bronchitis. I had make pm put in on Nov. 24 and I went to the ER on Nov. 29. That's how I knew I had bronchitis. I wasn't going to take any chances.

As far as I know my pm is doing just fine. I still have pain and if I move my arm a lot it lets me know.

Once again, thanks for the comments.

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