does that mean dependant

hi all me again lol just a quick one today ive looked at what the tecnition wrote and it says 99%of the work done by the pm does that mean dependant ? i wish you all a meery christmass and all good for the new year xx


maybe, maybe not

by Tracey_E - 2008-12-18 06:12:59

if you turn it off and you will die, yeah, you're dependent. If you turn it off and your rate just slows down and/or gets irregular, you won't feel so good but you will survive- that's not dependent. It all depends on your underlying rate.

Pacing at 99% does not necessarily mean you are dependent. And it also doesn't matter, in my opinion! As long as the pm is doing its job, I don't think about it because pm's are incredibly efficient and dependable. I've been dependent for 15 yrs now, my underlying rate is in the low 20's. I've never felt better.

See my response to your other question- the pm is not doing the work, your heart is. The signal to beat is coming from the pm, but your heart is still doing the work (beating).

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