Cordless Headphones

My Mother is fitted with a pacemaker. She is fairly deaf and has difficulty hearing her television. My husband and I suggested she have a set of cordless headphones which would assist. She is concerned that these would interfere with her pacemaker. Can you please give some advice


should be fine!

by Tracey_E - 2008-10-03 07:10:45

If her pacemaker is new, it is probably shielded so minor interferences don't affect it. You can check with the manufacturer or her doctor to be sure but it should be fine.

Pm's have two modes- fully responsive, which means it is a variable rate and goes up and down as we need it, and a back up mode which is a steady hr. When it's in backup mode, you don't always feel so good but it will keep you alive. In the rare case where we get too close to a magnet or other interference (4" is the suggested distance to keep from things that might interfere), the magnet pulls a little valve closed and puts it in backup mode. As soon as we move away from the interference, the valve opens again and it's fully functional. Long way of saying, worst case scenario, if she feels bad just turn it off and she'll immediately feel fine again. But I'd be really surprised if it's an issue! I've had a pm for almost 15 yrs now and have used all sorts of electronics and never had an issue.

Sould be no problem.

by bowlrbob - 2008-10-03 11:10:20

I use wireless headphones all the time they have never been an issue. My pm is 3 years old. The usual advice is keep things like that Cell phone ect. 6 inches away. Bowlrbob

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