lawn mowing

my wife keeps freaking out when I try to mow the lawn. Is it safe?


Cutting Grass

by BOB 1 - 2008-09-12 05:09:17

Does cutting the grass make you short of breath? Does it make you red in the face? Does it cause you chest pain? If the answer to one of the above is yes, then it may not be safe for you.

Why did you get a pacemaker and do you have any other heart problems? Cutting grass and having a pacemaker is not a problem for me.

However, if your wife is think the lawn mower engine may cause a problem with your pacemaker, tell her to fear not, it is safe so long as you keep your pacemaker at least 6" from the engine.

But when it is all said and done, the only one that can really answer your question is you doctor.

Mowing the lawn

by Wingart - 2008-09-12 05:09:18

Hi Rusco
Having a pacemaker does not make it dangerous to mow the lawn, your medical condition and reason for having a pacemaker might.
Ask your doctor what activities you are allowed and if he confirms that your condition does not stop you from carrying our physical activities then assure your wife that it is OK.
Listen to your body, it will tell you what you can do.
Take Care


by Red1958 - 2008-09-12 05:09:47

Ive used my riding mower,push mower,weedeater chainsaw,logsplitter,tractor.Have not had any trouble yet.I have a welder that im kinda afraid to tryout.I have 3- wire pacer/defib.

Lawn mowing

by pacergirl - 2008-09-12 09:09:41

Hi Rusco,

If you enjoy mowing the lawn then by all means do it. Your Dr. certainly would have let you know if you have any limitations before he allowed you to leave the hospital. I switched to a riding mower to trim our grass and it works just fine. I do have quite a large area to cut though.

Take care,

Lawn mowing

by pacergirl - 2008-09-12 09:09:42

he he... I am just about to fall off my chair laughing at thomasts' answer to mowing the lawn! Hysterical! and i love it!! :D

Thanks for your thoughts... now let me see... now that i think about it.... that electric stove in my kitchen might cause me some trouble with my pacemaker, at least that is what I am going to elude to when I speak to my hubby about dinner tonight!! ha ha...

Pacergirl... I'm still laughing!

lawn mowing

by thomast - 2008-09-12 10:09:55

I say tell her it is not safe and let her mow it

Ask doctor?

by ElectricFrank - 2008-09-13 12:09:13

In a perfect world your doctor would be the best source of information. In the real world he likely hasn't a clue. He doesn't understand lawn mower engines, how you use yours, and the sensitivity of the particular model of pacer. He does, however, understand what his insurance company tells him to say.

Reminds me of the old adage: Never ask a government official if it is OK to do something. The answer is automatically "NO".


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