just,had my first shock,since,getting the difib,in on feb 01,2007,doc,did not want to see me untill reg check up in april. Now i know what a shock feels like dont mind 1 every 2 years,also was behind car wiping off snow that night,toching lights alsoo in the back while car vwas running,did not know if that was the cause,they,did not think so,but other,cardio nures said maybe



by thomast - 2009-02-27 07:02:12

I have had two zaps since mine was installed in May of 05. The first one, I was using electric hedge trimmers when I got zapped. I thought the trimmers had shorted out, so set them down and got another shock, then I knew what it was. They changed the programing after that. Got one several months later when I was really exerting myself, have not had one since Sept of 05. Just had a telephone check of my unit and I see the battery is getting close to end of life, so I estimate I will have to have a replacement by the end of summer. That will be a little over 4 years.

not likely the cause

by BillMFl - 2009-02-27 08:02:22

More likely your ICD sensed an abnormal rythm and did its job.

those cardiac nurses know their stuff

by jessie - 2009-02-27 11:02:33

i would pay attention to them. they have a wealth of experience that is remarkable and probably have seen it all or almost is a good thing you went in to check and my gosh thomas that was quick for sure. so you get changed at the summertime. good luck to you. how are things in your state? our son was telling us to-day there are bread lines all over america starting. is this in fact true. jessie

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