Smooth top stoves??

I was reading in the book they gave me about my ICD and it says to stay at least 2 feet from a smooth top stove.....I was wondering if anyone has ever had any problems with their ICD while cooking on one? Thanks.



by ela-girl - 2008-08-14 03:08:04

Hi, PacerMom27!

I have an electric, smooth-top range. I have used it ever since having my pm implanted (almost 2 years now) and never have had a problem. I don't know why the rules would be different for an ICD/pm combo than just a pm. My booklet never said to stay away!


induction or resistance

by winesap - 2008-08-14 03:08:10

Older smooth top electric stoves simply had a resistance element located under the ceramic surface. There is also a type that uses a powerful halogen light source for the heat and the newest use induction elements. see:

Since the induction heating element is basically a powerful electromagnet ... it makes sense that those of us with a PM or ICD should avoid getting too close. Remember, the electric field decreases with the square of the distance. So you need to know if your smooth top range is induction or resistance. If it only works with Iron based pans - it is induction.

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