High volt transmission lines - EMI

Just had PM fitted July 30. Good recovery and great benefits!
BUT we have a holiday booked in an apartment which, I estimate, is about 25metres from overhead 125kv power cables. Should we cancel? What might happen? Will the 1 hour flight be any problem?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by a newcomer to the world of PM's




travel question

by ccmoore - 2008-08-08 10:08:14

Sorry forgot the travel question. Go to the 'travel & work' tab and read up.

Shouldn't be any problem.

Get info about the metal detectors and the Metronics travel card.

Later, Charlie

Interferences high voltage

by ccmoore - 2008-08-08 10:08:21

Go to the 'Interferences' tab and do a search on 'high voltage' some good information is there also might search 'emi' or 'emf'.

As always check with your Dr. good luck on getting an answer your can trust there.

Another option is to check it out with a test. Find another 125kv power line in your area and with a friend and slowly walk up to within 25 metres and see what happens as you get closer. From what I have learned in the last 12 weeks since install, the worst would be that you faint and return to normal after moving away, thanks to your friend.

Also have learned that latest PMs are well protected and takes a lot to interfer with them nowadays.

From what I read on this site 25 feet not metres is a safe distance from 400 kv lines.

Dancing under the lines is at your option, but a quick jig might be nice. Good luck.


High Voltage

by BOB 1 - 2008-08-09 12:08:23


The problem from a high voltage line is the electromotive field (EMF) that surrounds it. An EMF, like all electrical current does not travel very far through air, so unless you get within 1 meter it will not cause a problem with your pacemaker. A distance of 5 meters is a safe distance for even a 600 Kv line so the 125 Kv line will not cause a problem at 25 meters.

In the event you should ever get too close to a strong EMF you will notice it as an irregular heart beat. A couple of minutes after you leave the EMF field your PM will return to normal operation. What happens when affected by an EMF is a switch closes in the PM and it changes over to the magnet mode like the one it you will feel when you are getting a PM checkup. Except in extreme cases, an EMF will never permantly harm a PM.

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