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Hi,new member here.I just had st. jude pm installed 5 days ago I am glad I finally found this site,I kept getting textbook info and I wanted to hear from people exprricing pm placements I just read that some man is getting his 4th pm,scary! I am 74 have a leaky mitral valve with left branch block etc. nice to meet you ,I will enjoy hearing from you and sharing the ups and downs.Hey now that i"m all wired up,when do I get my super powers? lol


How Do You Do?

by Wannabe - 2008-07-18 02:07:01

Hello Ibehurtin - I'm sure you are hurting too if this is only the fifth day after your operation. I think you're doing remarkably well if you feel equal to sitting at the pooter to view sites, etc. Well done! Each day you'll feel more and more comfortable as the incision heals and the PM settles down and you're bound to feel very much improved in your general health. Then you'll find your super powers have kicked in - just give 'em time.Very glad indeed you found us all on this site where no day is ever too short to discuss the wonders of the pacemaker. Kind wishes from England for a speedy return to good health. Wannabe

Welcome New Member!!

by Pookie - 2008-07-18 02:07:18

You certainly found the right place. You will meet a slew of wonderful and informative people.

Didn't you get your super powers with the pacemaker?? .. we all did!! .. go back and ask your surgeon!!!




by Tracey_E - 2008-07-18 02:07:21

Welcome! I'm 41 and on my 4th St Judes pm for CCHB. Jeez, did they forget to give you the superpower manual?! Honestly, I felt full of superpowers from the minute I woke up in recovery, but then my rate was in the 20's the day I got it so I was a bit blue- literally and figuratively, lol. They had a hard time keeping me down once I got pacing, I wanted to run up and down the halls! I haven't really slowed down since and I don't plan to any time soon. You'll never hear me complain about all my replacements. :o)

welcome ibehurtin

by jessie - 2008-07-18 06:07:04

i am 66 right now and soon turning 67. i wish you a speedy recovery. it took me about 3 months for the discomfort to go and then emotionally well.... a little longer. sometimes the pill prescribed for depression can cause other problems....and it goes on. well all for now. be seeing you on sight jess


by ibehurtin - 2008-07-20 04:07:27

hi all, Thank you for your welcome pookie Wannabe,I thought I wasnt doing eenough your encourgement means a lot to me thank you hi jess I have a daughter with that name (THE BABY) had her at 46 . Three months? I can do it ! Tracey, You have a lot more courage than ill ever have GOD BLESS YOU!!!


by Tracey_E - 2008-07-22 08:07:37

It's not courage, it's just being practical. I'd be dead without my pm but instead I have a perfectly normal, full life- a lot more full than it was before I had it. Every day is a gift. You'll get there! You'll feel better physically as well as come to accept this new you. I was diagnosed when I was 5 yrs old so I've had a little more time to get used to things than you have. Sending hugs and healing prayers.


by ibehurtin - 2008-07-25 11:07:28

hi, how old are you if you dont mind telling I have the staples out but i can still feel it pulling is this normal? I feel like part of me is missing stupid i know i hope it will pass tired a lot though Believe me it is courage i couldn"t do it ive had a major ha 6 way bypass and a stent ive reached the end of the line with this ,sorry i guess im a little depressed ill get over it Keep pacing!!

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