Tightness in shoulder


this is my first post here, having had my PM implanted at the beginning of May 08 for carotid synus hypersensitivity. This was diagnosed after a rather unpleasant tilt test, where my heart paused for a sveeral seconds a couple of times after the neck massage bit. Generally things have been fine, the pain has on the whole long gone, and the kids are enjoying having a bionic dad.

However, some days I get a tight feeling across my shoulder when I move. It is not painfull, just annoying. Is it just things still settling down or is it one of those things you have to get used to, like the occasional flutter when things are working.? I also get the occasional stabbing pain around the scar, but guess that is just things heeling, as it has only been about 11 weeks since surgery.




by sis - 2008-07-25 01:07:55

Hi Simon~
I had an icd implanted April 18 of 08 and a week later had a lead revision then the first week of May they took the lead out to see if it was defective. I just began moving my arm normal too with my first week back at work I to am having tightness and sore stabbing pains and swelling so I called the Doc's and they said IB's and ice will help out and if not I need to come back in to be checked out. Guess we just have to hang in here and pretty soon we might start feeling better :)

Stabbing sensation

by Wingart - 2008-07-25 07:07:45

Hi Simon
I had my medtronic implanted in November 2007 and experienced the stabbing pains for about 4 months; I was told that it was the inside tissue healing. It often happened when I stretched or moved my left arm accross my body as though the inside stitches were pulling. I have now gotten to the point that I hardly notice its there apart from after a good game of tennis when the wires itch slightly on the inside, but it settles after a a short while.
Sorry I can't help you with the shoulder tightness as I never had a problem there.
I am pleased to hear your recovery is othrwise going well.
Regards Chrissie (Suffolk)

Tightness in shoulder...

by dward - 2008-07-25 11:07:30

Not sure what your age is, but that can come into play when getting an implant.
I got my PM last year. I am in my late 40's and was told that I may have some tightness in some muscles because of my age and the fact that I was in good shape.
As we age we lose muscle tone, which apparently makes it eaiser if you get a PM implanted.
Your tightness may well be muscles healing, so will take a little time.
My tightness went away for the most part, after a few months (I believe it was about 6). I still feel tightness a little when I golf, but not enough to make my game worse (or better darn it!)


by mtibben - 2008-07-28 05:07:04


I too had a tight feeling across my left shoulder. This is due to the fact that you are restricted in your movement so the muscle has a tendency to shrink. So once you can start to do over the head exerces (bad spelling) it will start to loosen up. I had my surgery on 6/04/08 and I am just now starting to feel the muscle relax across my chest. Not sure what the other pain is all about. But It might be some nerves still protesting being disturbed. Try some heat, it will be comforting.

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