A Lucky 4th

Hey to all;

I am a newbie! so new that this time last week I was just beginning to have mild chest pains...that got progressively worse until 5:00am last Tuesday morning when I finally got smart and went to my doc as a walk-in. That didn't go real well...he gave me two nitros and called an ambulance and put me in the hospital. The next day I was transferred to another hosp where they did a heart cath (I had had an angioplasty w/2 stents in 2002) All of that was fine...good stents;no blockages, but I DID have Bradycardia...3rd degree heart block...and the doc put in a temporary PM; attached to my groin. Thursday, I was given my permanent St Jude Medical, Dual Wire Pacemaker. Friday 4th, I got to come home...yea!! So now I'm entertaining myself finding out all about Pacemakers, and learning to live with the idea of having it with me from now on...
and in all my travels online I came upon this Pacemaker Club...and here I am. Those notes I've read give me the impression that this is a fine group...and very supportive. I joined right in as soon as I saw the invitation. Thanks, Boomer76



by ElectricFrank - 2008-07-07 01:07:10

Sounds like you needed the pacer. If you have any questions about it be sure and post. I'm always willing to give free advice (and it is worth every cent you pay for it).
One suggest to get off on the right track with your new pacer is to ask for a copy of the pre and post programming printouts at each checkup. These are reports that tell how the pacemaker is programmed and the changes that were made. The pre programming report also give some important information about what your heart has been doing since the last checkup.
These reports are handy when asking questions here. Several of us know how to interpret them.

good luck,



by vtlaney - 2008-07-07 07:07:19

I too am a new member of this group getting my pm on June 4th and finding that this group offers a weath of information. Your insertion site will continue to improve each day but it does take some time...I am finding that the whole ordeal takes a bigger toll on you than I had expected. I have sick sinus syndrome and a blood pressure problem combined with diastolic dysfunction. Good luck...vtlaney

Join the club

by locobill22 - 2008-07-07 09:07:07

I too am new to this group but have found out quickly that there is a lot of support and information from these fine folks. I had a dual chamber ICD put in 6/26/08.
So far, I am doing very well with recovery. I go tomorrow for my first post-surgery checkup. I am going to take Frank's suggestion to get the printouts.
Good luck and keep us up to date on how you are doing.

Welcome Boomer76!

by harley63 - 2008-07-08 08:07:49

Welcome Boomer76!
SO thrilled that you have found this wonderful group of people. You will find great information, support and insight here. Come often and share your experiences.

Another thing.. thanks for writing my story....(been almost 2 years since I recounted those events) that is exactly how I ended up with my pacemaker.. however I went directly to the ER. The one part you left out is that my right leg was tied to the bed overnight while the temporary pacemaker was in. (I'm a bit of a character and made the nursing staff earn their keep that night!) I still get riffed about that. lol.. small stuff compared to the rest of the ordeal.. but I'm stuck on it just the same. Enough about all that.. I'm refocused on living now.. :O)

Wishing for you a speedy recover & adjustment with your new internal friend.

Always cheering for you,

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